Snow Day Fun!


This past week we had a snow day.  We didn't have a lot of snow days in Northern Ontario, so I still get excited.  Except it's a lot less fun when you are a SAHM, and it's not like you get to skip school or work or anything.  It's actually EXTRA work because you can't go anywhere!  And to top it all off, Adair was away for 2 nights this week.

Anyway, EZ, Little A and I had fun!  We made crafts {see above & below!}, made cards, made delicious (and healthy!} pizzas, and yes, watched some Thomas and FriendsOk, we watched A LOT of Thomas!

EZ discovered the joys of toilet rolls, colourful popsicle sticks, googly eyes and a hot glue gun. We eventually drew faces on them and glued yarn to the top for hair. EZ was very proud of his creation!

EZ is making cards - just like his crafty creative Mummy.

EZ LOVES to colour! Especially with his new pencil crayons! Adair hid his crayons somewhere so I had to make do, so I found pencil crayons, and they were a hit!

EZ even climbed on the piano bench to plunk out a tune, but Aviva was sleeping and we didn't want to wake her up, so we pretended to play instead :)


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