Paint it Black


I wanted to give my entry a little more "oomph" so I daringly painted it to give it some personality.

Like a lot of people, I live in a builder-grade house and I'm eking out any possibility of a more custom, less suburban-y look.
So enter in the painted door. I thought about gray, but getting the perfect shade of gray was a constant challenge in all my other rooms & projects, so I bit the bullet and chose a BOLD BLACK.
Hey! Who's that little guy trying to camouflage himself with his Penguins hoodie! EZ ran into the camera and insisted one some shots of himself - clearly he has no shame, wearing just his hoodie & a diaper. Well, I guess he has socks on...
His "smile" shots are slowly being perfected into a more natural "blue steel" look instead of his former toothy grins.

Anyhoo - back to my beautiful black door post...

Here's a "before" shot so you can see the difference. See how the white door just fades into the background. Totally not my personality. I'm not a wallflower kind of girl.

I think I *really* like the black. It adds the perfect punch of drama to the entry way.  

What do you think? Do you love it? Would you try it in your house?

Now I need to refresh my entry way. I have the bench there, but what I really want is a console table and poufs.  Specifically a mirrored console table and these poufs from CB2.
Find them here!
So much to do -- so little money and time. Isn't that always the way?


Orange it Lovely September 9, 2011 at 10:57 AM  

love the doors! it adds such drama.
The kiddie is adorable too lol

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