Missoni Accomplished!


It was the day I had been waiting for with great anticipation for weeks.

Upon waking, I immediately checked Target.com only to realize that my fave home items were already sold out! So we had to make the trek to the US to see if my heart's desires were in store.

We arrived about an hour after the store opened to discover the Missoni shelves were bare. The staff seemed to be clueless as to why there were so many people asking for Missoni items. We paced the aisles and grabbed anything that said "Missoni" on the tag. I even asked the cashiers to look underneath their till for Missoni items.   

There were women there with 2-3 cart loads FULL of stuff. I couldn't believe my eyes! I wonder how much they spent on their wares?  They probably suffered from Missoni Mania like I did.

We found a few things for Little A and a couple of framed wall tiles for our living room. We decided to check another Target.

As we left our "Check Tire Pressure" light came on and we had to pull off the highway in the middle of nowhere to change to the spare tire. And by "we" I mean, Big A all by himself. I did my part by  Googling a nearby tire repair shop.

I also was very disappointed that this tire problem was going to cut short the trip and prevent me from getting to the 2nd Target store. Boo hoo :(

The tire repair place was in a very sketchy 'hood.  We drove around for a bit, and all of sudden I clued into where we were and determined that we were about 3 minutes away from the sketchy Target where I got the Moroccan pouf a few months ago!

Minutes later we were in the Target parking lot and I literally raced inside!  The Missoni stuff was picked over, but there were, at least, more options. The "Missoni Mania" hit again and I hoarded every Missoni item I saw. My cart was full {even with a King Size comforter set! Why would I need that?} and I decided to pare it down a bit. I just hollered out what I was giving up and a flock of Missoni-obsessed women with carts appeared gratefully taking it from me!

When I got back to car to show Adair my findings, I realized that I had indeed overspent for items I didn't really need. I went through all the stuff I'd purchased at both stores and decided to return about $170 worth of items. I was very proud of myself :)

We then had our tire replaced {yes, it couldn't be fixed apparently} and were on our way home. Then Big A realized we forgot to buy "fun pop" at Target - like Cherry Coke Zero, Diet Vanilla Dr. Pepper & Cranberry Sierra Mist - so we drove back to the 1st Target store. 

I found a few more Missoni items upon my return {mostly stuffed in random places like between potato chip bags and pasta sauce on the shelves}, but like a big girl, I decided not to purchase any more.

Here's what I picked up - most of it is my beloved chevron pattern, so that's why I bought so much:

I still have a few items I'm not sure of, so I may decide to sell them on eBay. If you see anything you want, email me!
Here's a close-up of the all the zig-zag awesomeness!

Baby girl sweaters {in 2 different sizes!} & a skirt, a baby blanket, two wall tile hangings, a tote bag, photo frames, serving dishes, notebooks, even a make-up bag - I got quite a lot of stuff!
When we got home, I was still disappointed to that I didn't get the throw blanket I was hoping for. I checked out eBay and saw them selling for 3-4x the cost in store. I decided to check out the Target website again to see what was left.

I had seen the ottoman online earlier but I didn't know what to make of it. They don't sell it in store, but they had some left online. So I took a chance and ordered TWO of them! Crazy, I know!  I really want them for my living room re-fresh project.

Anyway, my TWO POUFS should be here next week! I think they are going to be AMAZING! Just the right amount of pattern & pizazz to my living room!


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