New Dining Room Drapes!


For months I've been looking for inexpensive yet irresistibly chic drapes for my lovely re-decorated dining room.

I've researched online, perused Pinterest, blog-ogled, but never really found the *perfect* drapes for the room. I even thought of stenciling a pattern onto fabric, but I never felt really inspired by that idea.

A few weeks ago I purchased plain white faux silk drapes for $50/panel.  They were ok, but I never ended up hanging them.

I guess I was waiting for these new drapes from West Elm that were recently released.

They are Cotton Canvas Faux Bead Window Panels.

Images via West Elm
Here's a close up. Aren't they divine?

 I like these drapes for a few reasons:

 1. I love mixing prints. I think these will go well with the bold graphic of the chevron wall.

2. The pattern itself is circles - which ties in the lighting in the room {the arc lamp & the Cluster Glass Pendant from West Elm}.

3. They are cotton and machine washable. Seriously.  Also, cotton is less stuffy and I like my dining room to be sophisticated but also comfortable.

4. They were 20% off because West Elm is currently having a sale on drapery panels. Then my mom gave me a card for an extra 10% off {thanks mom!} -- so that's 30% off! I paid $28 per panel -- much better than $50 per panel!

5. The design matches my blog design. Haha. It does, but that's not why I bought them. Right?

Anyway, I'm super-excited to hang the drapes and I was going to get new hardware, but then I had an idea for a cool DIY using stuff I already have {See, my creative mojo is returning from its summer hiatus!}.  I hope it turns out and I'll post on my progress!


Megan September 13, 2011 at 6:39 AM  

I love them, can't wait to see them in the room!

Mummy Maggie September 13, 2011 at 6:09 PM  

Thanks! I can't wait to put them up too :)

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