EZ's First Skating Class


Ever since we bought EZ his skates earlier this week, he's been begging to go to his "hockey class". Thankfully for my wallet/sanity, his hockey career doesn't start for another couple of years. 

EZ must learn to skate first. And today was his first skating lesson!
He was giddy with anticipation and started wearing his helmet yesterday! They suggested that the child wear the helmet & skates for a bit so that it's not "scary" when they go to class. 

Yep, not a problem. 

EZ wasn't scared at all.  Once we got the helmet yesterday, he wore it out of the store and proudly paraded all around the mall with his new headgear!

He was so happy to have his "hockey helmet".

We arrived about 20 minutes early for class {and happy we did because there was a house fire across the street and we all got distracted with the fire trucks and excitement! No one was hurt but scary all the same!} to allow EZ plenty of time to get his skates on and such.

Once he skates were laced up, helmet and mittens were on - he was ready to go! Granddad & Nana also joined us for this fun day - Thanks to Granddad for the photos!

EZ was a bit apprehensive once he felt how slippery & fast the ice was, but his dad was there to help him feel more confident.  And I'm sure "The Wiggles" music blaring on the speakers in the arena made EZ more comfortable. I know any time I hear "Hot Potato", it makes me feel warm & fuzzy. Haha! 

Seriously though, I'm not joking about The Wiggles music playing in the arena! I was expecting more upbeat, pop music. Or none at all. Anything but The Wiggles!

 EZ was able to stand up on his own and is learning how to get up. Thank goodness daddy is able to skate, because Heaven knows I'm useless on skates! 

Little A was in the arena too. She kept herself busy by removing and chewing on her pretty silver shoes, kicking off her blanket, ripping off her snuggly hat, & throwing her bottle on the floor as a "fun game". What can I say - she's a Canadian girl - she doesn't mind the cold chill of the arena!

All in all, it was a great first class. He's already asking to go back to his "skating class" - little does he know that his SportBall class starts next week! So much excitement for such a little dude!


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