EZ - Labour Day Weekend!


Waiting for the train in matching hats - the 1st time on a train!

So excited to be on the train. Apparently he was very chatty, asking everyone where they were going and why.
EZ has to explore everything at the Ex.

Exploring includes lying face down on a staircase.

...Or climbing up the stair case's railing!

Waiting for Mummy to arrive by car.  Mummy was not into the busyness of a train.

Exploring the gardens while waiting for Mummy.

EZ had to borrow my sunglasses to watch the air show. He keeps losing his sunglasses which I'm sure won't change anytime soon!
Love this little man cap EZ is sporting!

EZ wasn't too thrilled to be posing with Juno, but he grinned and "beared' it...

EZ loved picking apples yesterday when the weather suddenly became Fall-like.

He got right into the trees searching for the perfect apples :)

EZ also enjoyed being carted around with his basket of apples.

The fruits of his labour.

Dad is helping, but given the look on EZ's face, he's not really helping at all! Haha!


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