Little A: New Dress & Audition Re-cap!


Little A rocked her 1st Missoni outfit today!  It's the little sweater dress, and it's so adorable on her. She's very squirmy now so it's hard to capture the perfect shot, but I think she did alright all things considered.

Little A had another audition for a national commercial for a large retailer earlier this week. She did really well, but we haven't heard anything yet. It was so fun to go on the audition though! She filmed a scene and she did really well. Other babies came out with screaming & crying, but Little A is a pro!  

She just smiled and was cute for the camera, despite the fact that she is teething quite badly and has a cold. Fake it till you make it, girl {that's something my mom always told me and it's TRUE!}.

The commercial shoots next week, so there's still time to hear back. We're not banking on it, but it was so fun any way! And having fun is what it's all about or else I'd be on Toddlers & Tiaras!


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