Kitchen Makeover Update - Day 3?


We had a busy day here!  When EZ came home he remarked that Daddy broke the kitchen!

He's right and this is PROGRESS! Cabinet fronts are off, some had to be removed completely for installed under-cabinet lighting, the fridge is out of place, and there is debris everywhere!

Big A has sprayed some cabinet doors and they look awesome! So glad we built the big shelves in the basement because we need them for this project! The cabinet doors need a good drying place.

We also had to pick grout today for the new backsplash tile {remember the tile I got from Costco?}. I imagined it would be an agonizing process like it is on tv, but we found the right colour straight away.  Well, I hope! We shall see in the days ahead :)
Tonight Big A picked up a tile saw we're borrowing from a friend, so fingers crossed, we'll have some progress on that front soon too!  We're thinking about tiling right over the existing backsplash? Crazy? Smart? Who knows, but it's my idea so I'll have to take the fall if it's an epic fail! Haha!


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