Sunday Funday with Cousins!


Yesterday, EZ & Little A's cousins came over for the afternoon! They just adore their cousins!  

They brought a gift for EZ - these cool new packing peanuts from a German company called Play Mais.  EZ & his cousins spent hours creating & playing with these cool little nuggets. They are made of corn and they stick together with water. Simple & clean.

EZ fell on the pavement while playing outside so that's band-aid on his head {"My Monkey George" he calls it!}, not a sticker :)

The boys spent a lot of time playing hockey in the backyard, while the girls got their craft on - creating felt rosettes!

 We also watched a kids movie on Netflix, ate pizza for lunch and burgers for dinner! So fun!

We love spending time with our cousins!  We miss our other cousins that live far away though! Nothing is more important than family and it's so sweet how well the cousins get along :)


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