Firsts: EZ's 1st Skates


My little dude isn't so little any more. Okay, well he is, but he's growing up FAST. Like "Lightning McQueen" fast.

This morning we happened upon a Pro Hockey Life store and EZ insisted on going in. This is like Mecca for my 2 yr old. He immediately picked up a mini-stick and a rubber puck, and started shooting the puck. He's a natural. 
We walked around the store and found the massive hockey skate section.  Since EZ is starting skating classes this weekend, we thought we probably should get our act together and at least try on a pair of skates! 
The staff were so good with EZ and frankly EZ was on his best behaviour too. He was quiet while trying on the skates, but you could tell he was thrilled!  
The skates fit him well enough, but they were a tad over-priced for a 1st pair of skates, so we shopped around at a few places and found a great pair at SportChek.
EZ was totally comfortable on the skates - wobbly for the first couple of seconds, then quickly running & jumping in his skates. 
I have a feeling that this kiddo is going to LIVE for sports, so we're well on our way now.
On the way home, EZ informed us that he also needs a "better hockey stick" {his words - seriously!}, a helmet, a net and a puck. He repeated this 15 times in case we didn't hear him or forgot.
And so it begins...


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