Ingenius Idea


Today I found my food & exercise journal from May-Oct 2005. Yes, that's when I was losing weight and when I thought that 140 lbs was fat. HA! What I would GIVE to be 140 lbs now. I'd be sooooooooooo grateful.

In any case, I have this fab lil' idea to "re-jump start" the MummyFit Challenge. Why don't I eat the same foods I did back then? I imagine that if I ate those same, or at least similar foods, I would lose weight.

Reading through the journal was both inspiring and a bit sad. I can't believe how hard I was on myself. If I ate a Cadbury thin chocolate bar, I'd put a sad face and call myself fat. I'm definitely going to challenge myself, but balance it with a bit more gentleness. My goal this time around is 100% honesty & 100% positivity. There's no sense in being so hard on myself. I just set myself up for self-loathing and chubbiness. No more.

I am going to be positive and gentle with myself. I am worth the effort it takes to achieve weight loss.


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