Square One


For the last month I've been ignoring the fact that my nerve injury hasn't improved. I went to physio last night for a quick follow-up appointment. My 1/2 hr appt turned into an 70 min appt. My physio was shocked I was limping when I came in. She then reassessed my injury to find that my pelvis, hips and back are now out of alignment, and at risk for further injury. My leg injury has probably gotten worse too, given that I'm over-compensating with my pelvis and back. Basically, I'm back to square one. Again.

I'm SO frustrated. It's been 4 months since my injury. I now have to limit my physical activity (no more than 15 mins walking, NO RUNNING!) and continue to be very aggressive in my physiotherapy (2-3 x/week).

So this is my new project. I need to get healthy. I am seeing my family doctor next week, and I would like a referral to a neurologist. Out of desparation, I've also made an appointment with a naturopath. I'm willing to try ANYTHING to heal. I think I'll also try acupuncture too.


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