Mummy Brain


What a hilarious - although potential disasterous - couple of days. I officially have Mummy Brain. I thought I had surpassed this phase, but sadly, my Baby Brain {when I was preggo} has crossed over into the post-natal territory.

Those of you who know me, know that I usually have a photographic memory and I get annoyed at others when they cannot recall minute detail. My, how the tables have turned.

So far this week, I've forgotten 2 appointments {thankfully I have understanding friends}, been late for 2 classes, missed a class completely, forgot my purse {complete with my Blackberry and wallet} AND my diaper bag on the side of the road in downtown Oakville. Sometimes I forget to workout too. One thing I NEVER forget to do is EAT. Oh, how I wish I would forget about that sometimes. I'm always planning my next meal.

In my defence, most of my forgetfulness is a combination of lack of sleep - as I'm typing it's 2:24am - and NOT using my beloved dayplanner as often as I used to . So, my new plan for the coming week is refer to my dayplanner daily, preferably 1st thing in the morning. We start more classes next week too - Mommy & Me Pilates and Mother Goose. EZ and I are scheduled, but I'd rather have things to do than sit around watching tv all day. I guess I could clean and learn to cook, but I do have a cleaning lady and a wonderful husband who cooks all my meals. I'm a lucky girl. I just have to remember that sometimes ;)


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