Saying good-bye to our first home


Today is bittersweet. Our house is basically empty (thanks to Adair and his crew), and it reminds me of when we first moved in. We were SO excited to have our own HOME, with a backyard and 3 floors of living space.

We first started visiting our townhouse before it was even built - when it was just a "pile of dirt", as Adair would say. We saw our house being built from the foundation up. It was amazing.

When we moved in, we were THRILLED. There was that funny story about when we moved in (funny now, but at the time was tragic) when we didn't have carpet because the carpet layers were on strike. Being the kind of girl that I am, I wouldn't move into the house without carpet, so we hired some out-of-town carpet layers. They completed the work in one day, but it wasn't without drama. About a dozen of the striking carpet layers showed up at our house, intimidating our guys to stop working. Then 3 police cars showed up to break up the scuffle. I wasn't home at the time, but I can only imagine what our neighbours thought - first day we move in and the cops are at our house?!?!? At least, it was only a one-time event.

From door knobs to light fixtures, cabinets to mirrors, the whole house was suited to my taste, and all details carefully planned.

Now we're moved out, and soon we'll be in our big, new house. I'm sad to leave our first family home, but so excited to have more room, and even more upgrades!! Ezra is going to love his new room, a play room, and a nice patio!!! I'm going to love the gorgeous Brazilian hardwood throughout. Adair's going LOVE the double garage for his tools. But I'm most excited about decorating the new house!!! I also have some renovation project ideas up my sleeve, but let's not tell Adair just yet!!


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