Uh oh...


Well, more like, "Duh!"

I went to physio tonight, so proud of myself for my "run" last night. I proudly announced my perceived achievement to my physiotherapist, who then turned out to be none too pleased. She then made me feel my quad muscles so I could grasp the vast difference in muscle mass and tone between my good and "bad" leg. I tried to explain my need to do harder cardio {so I can go from Mummy Fat to Mummy Fit}, and that my "run" was more of a light jog {and I was only jogging in my mind - no one else would say I were jogging at all}, but she would have none of it.

She's right.

I had to promise her to not do any high-impact cardio until the end of June. I also had to promise to do my 5 strengthening exercises 100% everyday. Once my leg is strong, I'm going to be a better runner - and walker, and dancer, and mother, and better in every aspect of my life.

I will keep up with physio (2-3x/wk), multiple daily walks, and my strengthening exercises, and one day, just maybe, I'll be myself again. Like, duh?!


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