This ain't no Big Love


My cousin lent me this book last week after our discussion about HBO's Big Love. It's a true story of how this woman, a 4th wife, escaped her marriage to a top member of the FLDS after 8 kids and 17 years of marriage.

This book really shook me up and it's all I can talk about. This woman, Carolyn Jessop, survived and witnessed a lifetime of shocking abuse in all forms, yet somehow found the courage to escape her life. Despite the barrage of constant abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) from her family, she knew life could be different for her and her family. She refused to be a victim of circumstances.

I was actually shocked by the devaluation of women in the FLDS, particularly under the reign of Warren Jeffs. I knew he was a bit crazy, but I had no idea how sadistic that man is. It actually reminds me of when I first learned in 1998 about the Taliban in Afghanistan . I couldn't believe that these atrocities against women still happen. I guess I'm naive.

Anyway, this is an excellent read. It's important to know that women in America and Canada are living in these circumstances NOW.


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