You know how we're always taught to try to be a leader, well, today I'm asking you to be a follower.

I'm curious who reads my blog. That's the truth. Maybe I'm vain, but I think it's more just pure curiosity. I think it's probably the natural progression of a blogger. You put info out there, for your own purpose, but eventually you wonder if anyone is actually reading what you write!

I know my own hubsy doesn't read it :), well not often anyway, and generally only after I told him what I wrote about. Apparently my life is not that interesting to him. He he!

Anyway, if you read my blog, please become a follower by clicking on the right hand side. You can even follow me anonymously if you're weirded out by acknowledging to my blog-friends that you follow me.

Thanks everyone. And Adair. It's time to follow me!


Shop Girl* June 18, 2009 at 10:39 PM  

IIIiiiiii follow / read / love your blog. :)

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