Ezra is 5 months old today


Our little dude is 5 months old today. He's growing so quickly, and is cuter every day. Here are some recent highlights:

- He's developing a routine {with mummy's help}, with naps in the morning & afternoon - even when mummy is on the go!

- He's eating organic brown rice cereal & oatmeal. Next we'll be trying some veggies. Mummy bought a recipe book {yes - I bought a cookbook that told me the "recipe" to mash avocados. good grief!}

- He has two bottom teeth poking through - he's a trooper through the teething process

- He's moving to his crib at bedtime and for naps (that is, when mummy isn't dragging him to the shops or for lunches!)

- He's linking his tummy rolls, and is almost on-the-go! You can see that he's just aching to run like the wind when he just figures out how to do it!

- He loves sticking out his tongue and playing with his toes!

- He loves sitting in his Bumbo chair to read or just watch the world go by

- He loves reading and singing fun songs with mum! His favourite song is "Zoom Zoom Zoom!"

- He's getting the hang of the cowboy jolly jumper, lent to him by his friend (thanks Christina!)

- He's much better travelling in the car. He loves to play with his toys, chew everything in sight, and chat with anyone

- He's smiling and laughing all the time. What a happy baby!

**By the way, we got a clue and quickly bought plastic-y type bibs for feeding time. Makes a big difference.


Shop Girl* June 9, 2009 at 5:18 PM  

OH my gosh. He is TOO flipping cute to be allowed!!

klrowan June 9, 2009 at 11:06 PM  

OMG!! He is soooo beautiful! What a smile! :-)

BTW - here's a quick hint on "recipes"....

Cook sweet potatoes, carrots and peas and mash individually. You can also blend a few together. Then put them in ice cube trays and freeze. Basically, you pop out a veggie portion when you need it. It's easy, you can make a bunch at a time and you know what's in it! :-)

Eujean,  June 15, 2009 at 9:40 AM  

Awww - he is SO cute!!!!

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