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So, first of all, we've been sticking to our eating home-cooked dinners all this week. We've been eating tons of veggies and drinking lots of water! It's kind of fun to learn new recipes and play in the kitchen.

Now - on to my real post. I had a consult with a neurologist today to assess the "progress" on my injury. Turns out he was one the first doctors that I met after the baby was born. Here's the low-down:

1. Apparently I have no reflexes in my legs. Interesting development because in tests immediately after delivery, my reflexes were reversed it was weird. He did some other poking around to ensure my injury didn't extend to my spine. It doesn't.

2. He's surprised how long it's taking to heal. He thought it'd be a few weeks to a couple of months. This extended injury is uncommon. He wouldn't commit to a time frame, but thinks it could be at least a year. ***Heavy sigh***

3. My injury has nothing to do with the epidural in his opinion. It was caused by 3 hrs of hard labour and pushing.

4. I am referred to a neuro-muscular specialist for his opinion and further tests. It's hard to get in, so it could be awhile before I see him.

5. I have to continue to walk in 15 min spurts a few times a day. I also have to continue with rigorous physio. I also have to watch what I eat {no big surprise there!}.

There's probably more, but I'm too tired to remember. I should write these things down.


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