Have I not seriously posted for 2 weeks? Wow. Ummmm...I've been posting on my main blog, so I don't feel too bad.

The MummyFit Challenge is on hiatus. I'm continually trying to eat better and move more - the simplest key to weight loss. Cupcakes and pizza often get the best of me and negate my fitness efforts, but I'm trying hard to cook my own food.

Actually, that's a new challenge I've "cooked" up {pun intended}. Adair & I are going to home-cook all our dinners in July. It will give me a chance to flex my muscles in the kitchen because Adair's already a pretty decent cook, but neither of will going on Top Chef anytime soon. We're looking for wholesome, organic meals that will be good for EZ too. This is a relatively simple challenge, completely unlike the 100 Mile Challenge. OMH - Have you SEEN that???

I'm going to see a neurologist this week. My leg is still numb. Dumb. Will update later this week.


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