Tiny Love = Big Love


(uhhhh...that's not my kid...)

Since we've decided to put Ezra into his crib for naps and bedtime, we thought we should probably get a mobile. I've seen a lot of cool designer type mobiles, but they are not really for kids. The mobile we got doesn't necessarily "go" with the design of EZ's nursery, but he loves it.

It's a Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams mobile and I highly recommend it. It plays lovely classical music {not strangely "tin-y" like other kidlet musical items"}, as well as a couple nature tunes. I have to listen to them on our baby monitors, and it actually lulls me to sleep too - so it must work! Ezra has actually been sleeping now for at least 20 mins, and I've been listening to Debussy while blogging.

Life is good. Big love for Tiny Love.


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