Father's Day Weekend Review


My parents are away this weekend, so we're holding down the fort. All is well. We had a busy weekend, but I miss my parents terribly when they're not around!

We {well, I} decided that since I didn't get ANYTHING for Mother's Day {you read that correctly, not one thing - not even a card. Who raised this guy?} that I deserved a shopping spree in Buffalo. Adair took awhile to get his passport, but we recently received both his and EZ's in the mail, so we thought that THIS was the weekend to shop in the States.

We picked up some ebay finds at our US mailbox, went to two Targets, and then to the mall. We had so much fun and walked sooooo much! I didn't go too too crazy, but I definitely picked up some cute clothes and stuff. Our best deals were @ Macy's. We always have luck there. We found the pieces that we're missing for our bedding at the new house, and they were already reduced by 50%. We got them for another 40% off, then signed up for a Macy's card and got another 20% off that. All told we saved $250 on our 3 items! YAY Macy's!!!

EZ's cousins had a sleepover at our house on Saturday night! They love their Nintendo DS, but luckily, they love little EZ more. Here's a pic of EZ finding his feet. He's teething, so he's chewing everything including his own toes!
So yesterday was Father's Day. Because I never got anything for Mother's Day {did I mention that already?!}, I thought that maybe I wouldn't get him anything either, but I decided that THAT isn't the kind of tradition I want to create.

So I had custom-designed cufflinks made in Jasper {just like EZ's middle name - I'm so thoughtful, he he} by my friend Erika @ Antoinette Designs. They are STUNNING!!! Thanks Erika! Adair loved them!!!

Sunday night was low-key. EZ just wanted to hang out on mummy's tummy & watch the MMVAs, while mummy wished granddad a Happy Father's Day! Notice the cuteness of the hand placed on his leg? It's his favourite "hang out" pose. Also, what is especially sweet about this picture {apart from the drool on mummy's shirt}, is that when Adair got the camera out, he began to smile. This kid's a genius, I tell ya!


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