Fun Family Weekend


We had a fun family weekend! We went to the Blue Jays Game on Friday night. Granddad bought Ezra a Blue Jays cap - so cute! It was great fun. Our seats were amazing - 16 rows up from the visitor's dugout. I'm used to sitting in the nosebleeds, so it was cool to see the players up close. We lasted 4 full innings before Ezra got too bored and we got cold. June isn't turning out to be too warm just yet - what happened to global warming???

Saturday morning we planned on going to some yard sales at fancy houses, but Ezra slept in a bit so we didn't go. Later in the morning, we went to St. Jacobs for the market and to go antiquing. Yes, I'm officially old. We go "antiquing" now. I'm very into retro pyrex lately for all my "baking" {and I use that term quite liberally!}, so I scored 8 bowls at the market. Love them! Below is a photo of the retro pyrex nesting bowls in primary colours.

After St. Jacobs, we went to the Downtown Milton street festival to watch the BellyUp Bellydance troupes peform. Normally I would be dancing with my girls, but my injury is such that my dancing is not reliable! I could topple over at any minute! The bellydancers were absolutely stunning. We then enjoyed the festival, but Ezra was tired so we went home before we saw the whole thing. But we did enjoy a FlourGirls cupcake - YUMMY!!! We returned to the festival with my mom after dinner, and couldn't believe how many peole we saw! I think we're going to like it there!

Most of the stores were open, so we happened upon a great kid's shop {where we bought EZ the cutest toy} and then went into a fab home store {and bought 2 occasional chairs and two light fixtures for a great price - which I negotiated!}. YAY!

We also found out this weekend that the seller of our new house will sell us their kitchen table, which we love, at a deep discount. We're thrilled! Everything is really coming together. We went to see them today, so we were able to get inside the new house again. They are so great. We're so excited for our new house. Seeing it again just confirms that we made the right decision.


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