Hitting the Reset Button


The past few weeks have been particularly tough on me, and my diet and exercise regime took a back seat to the stress I was feeling. Moving is stressful, even though I hardly did any of the heavy lifting. Eating my stressful feelings didn't make me feel less stressed out. Oh, and sitting on my butt and NOT walking didn't make me feel any better either.

So today I'm hitting the RESET button.

Nothing is more important than health. When I was in the hospital, unable to stand or walk, unable to go to the washroom or even shower by myself, I truly understood how much I take for granted. I vowed then that I would always be active and never take my mobility for granted.

Here I am, 4 months out of the hospital, and I'm not taking care of myself properly. No more excuses. Hitting the RESET button now. I don't want to take my good health for granted anymore. Being in shape, physically and mentally, will help deal with whatever stresses come around, and seeing the results of hard work can make temptations and rationalizations easier to resist. Plus, a healthy me means a better me for my family and friends.

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