Belated Easter Fun


I was about 3 weeks without my iMac - *sigh* - please excuse the delayed Easter Photos, but they are oh-so-cute!  Without further ado, here are photos from our Easter Funday!

It all started out with prezzies from mummy, daddy & nana and granddad! Thank you!

And then the HUNT began!

"Whoa! You mean to tell me there are TREATS inside the eggs?!"

Eggs are EVERYWHERE. The Easter Bunny did a good job of hiding the eggs!

So many eggs to find! EZ loved every minute of it! "My eggs! My eggs!", he repeated!

A good haul from the Easter Bunny - 48 eggs in total!

"May I share the gross jubejubes?"
After church, it was time to dye easter eggs... a muffin tin. So easy. Why didn't I think of it before?

I call this face "The Confused Cheese."

The pretty pastel fruits of our labour!

"Wook mummy. It's orange!"

Time for the Egg Tipping to begin!

EZ's a natural and also a competitor. He won most of his Egg Tipping games!
Little A got in on the action too! Ez didn't let her win though.
Little A was comfy sitting in her Bumbo chair with all this action going on at the table.

Isn't her Easter outfit adorable?

So blessed to have my wonderful, gorgeous and healthy kids! Hoppy Easter to all!


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