Confessions of a Tagger


Not only is the price tag visible on the pot of grass on my dining room table, but the mirror underneath still has the price tag too!

Ok. I have a confession. I leave price tags on EVERYTHING. Even stuff I've used for years still has a price tag on it somewhere. 

Am I nuts? Do other people do this too?

I really love the stuff I bring into my home, why am I so afraid to take the tags off? Am I seriously going to return a pillow 2 years later? But the tags remain... 

Yep, I bought this 2 months ago, and it's proudly displayed on my dining room settee -- but the price tag is artfully hidden.

Ohhh! I bought a new pillow from West Elm this past weekend. I didn't take the price tag off.

Turns out I didn't take the price tag of the white pillow either -- you know, the one I bought 2 months ago!

And how about my new night table lamps? I got them on clearance. You can see it from the price tag hanging off of it {you can't miss the glaring red sticker!}. I'm so tacky...

How about my little ceramic egg carton to stash my everyday jewelry?

Yep! Still has the price tag! I have another one of these babies on my kitchen counter too -- and I can assure you that the price tag is STILL on that one as well.

And the pretty picture frame on my dresser?

Still with a price tag on the back. I'm beginning to see this is a major problem.

Cute ceramic cotton ball jar in the powder room -- still with the price tag on 2.5 YEARS LATER!
I'm hoping that my powder towel holder won't have a price tag on it...
...but I would be wrong.
I know this behaviour is bizarre. Or is it? 

Do you have a secret decorating bad habit confession?  Spill your dirty little {and tacky!} secrets. 

I'm listening...but first, I'm going to commit to cutting off all the price tags first!


Orange it Lovely June 1, 2011 at 12:06 PM  

nah.. you're just really weird lol .. kidding.. Im actually the opposite. I cant have them on anything.

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