Long Weekend #1 - Project Round-up


Thank you Queen Victoria for this past long weekend. 

Our long weekend was spent wisely balancing home projects & family time. Just perfect {although I'm impatient & want projects completed more quickly!}. We enjoyed family walks, family BBQs, friends visiting, and a more relaxed pace than we're used to.

We woke up early on Saturday morning {like 6:30am!} to hit up a local garden centre for their big sale. It was, sadly, a big bust. The sales were few and far between, and definitely not worth the hour or two one would have to wait in the check-out line.


So we decided to hit up a few garage sales instead. We had good luck.  A scooter for Ez, clamps {of some sort!} for the husband, but the BEST deal of the day was on vintage PYREX.  

I saw 2 bowls and a divided casserole dish {with a LID!}, and asked the teenager how much.  He said, "I dunno, a quarter each?" DEAL! Pyrex for  25 cents? YEP! Teenager

This beauty is HUGE - perfect for popcorn! 25 cents!

Medium sized mint green with a gold medallion print - 25 cents!

Mustard yellow with flower-printed lid - 25 cents!

Large glass cake plate {with the dome!} - $1 - yes. A WHOLE dollar! I heart yard sales!
I "splurged" on this milk white glass vase - a whopping 3 bucks!
Ez just woke up from a nap when I snapped this photo, hence the calmness of the kid.  Trust me, this kidlet spent the whole weekend on his new Spiderman scooter {yard sale find for $5} and his new tricycle. The trike is epic cuteness that requires a separate post :)

I spent my few free moments yesterday with my spray painting makeover projects!

 First is a $3 chair I picked up from my local Goodwill in this post. It's in decent shape {ok, some of the cane back is broken - but you can hardly tell!} 

I removed the seat cushion and gave the wood a good sanding, so it's all ready for painting! I'll do a full reveal another time - complete with the DwellStudio fabric I purchased in this post!

Remember the box I purchased in this post? Well, I had a Project Fail and it turned out UGLY. So I'm making it over with RustOleum's Gloss White. I hope I'm able it salvage my failed project!


 Despite the early Saturday morning fail at the garden centre, we managed to go to smaller, lesser known garden centres and picked up all the veggies & herbs for our garden! 

We had a successful garden last year {click here & here!}, so we're hopeful it's going to be lush and bountiful this year too!

For something different, we're going to build tall, long planters for our herbs. The building centres were closed yesterday, so this will be another project for another weekend.

Our garden is planted! Now we get to watch the veggies grow!

Of course, EZ is in the middle of the gardening action.  His "lost" shovel made a miraculous reappearance yesterday, so he was pleased.

 We didn't really touch EZ's room, although that is a project that really needs to be finished, since EZ is sleeping on a mattress in our 2nd floor family room. I can't WAIT to show you how it's improved from this to the finished product!

How was YOUR weekend? Any yard sale finds? Project updates? I'd love to hear/read about it!


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