Hungry Girl


Little A has reached another milestone.

Yes, my little girl has decided it's time to foray into solid food!
She's been ogling our food for weeks now, grabbing at our utensils and even grabbing EZ's bottle.

So, I tried to hold out till she was exactly 6 months,but I caved a week early and gave her organic brown rice cereal. And she LOVES it! 

With the addition of food, I'm hoping she'll sleep a little better through the night {'cuz Mummy is slowly going crazy from lack of sleep!}. 

You would think for a first-timer, she'd show a little apprehension, but she ate all her cereal. Let's just say, if she could lick the bowl clean -- she would have!

Full tummy = Happy bebe!

Mummy - may I please have some more?

She's definitely got the hang of using her spoon!


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