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One of the easiest parts of achieving something I want is merely setting goals. I'm really good at goal-setting and making plans for success. Especially the first week - I'm all FIRED UP!

The part that I {and probably ALL of you!} have is follow-through, or CHANGING!
Changing your habits, routine, meals, time management, etc. can be a HUGE challenge.

I've set a goal to run & exercise more and eat right. Don't worry, I have more detailed and specific goals but these things are the gist of it.

I'm finding it challenging to fit my goals into my real life without changing things. Frankly, I don't think it's possible to NOT change anything about my life to realize my goals.  Change is good, but change is still change and it's hard to get used to it.
I have to actually *remember* {like set up a reminder on my iPhone!} when I want to exercise. When I'm out, I have to *remember* that to make healthy choices.  These things aren't habit just yet, but I hope they will be soon!

So change is hard but I WANT to CHANGE!

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