Thifting Thursday - A Rare Pyrex Find etc.


Last week we ventured north to visit my grandma. We had an amazing time and we're so grateful we made the effort to see her so she could visit with my cute kidlets!

Now that I'm a dedicated thrift-chic mummy, I rarely pass a VV or thrift shop without going inside.  There's a new VV in my grandma's hometown, so we decided to check it out and I'm SO delighted that I did! 'Cuz look-y what I found!
A Perfect Lemonade Carafe!

...and it's Pyrex of course! What a score!
I was so thrilled to find this! I've been searching for a long time for one - you just never know what you're going to come across when you go thrifting!


Again, we just had such a fun time visiting with my grandma. She is such a vivacious delight of a woman. I've never met anyone so optimistic. She always makes lemonade from lemons, which is so fitting for this particular Thrifting Thursday post. I am so grateful that she is my grandmother.
My children just adored visiting their great-grandma! She also had some pretty cool "toys" for him to play with. One in particular was the "toy car" in his right hand. That mini car never left his side while we were there. He even insisted on sleeping with the "new car"!

Look at my grandma's big grin? Isn't she just divine? EZ called her "Grammy" and one time we came in from a walk, and EZ raced to the living room saying in his cutie-pie sing-song voice, "Yoo hoo! Grammy! Where are you?" Such a joyful memory.


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