When I was a little girl {like 7 years old}, I was obsessed with fashion and all things Parisian {my grandma even got me a subscription to VOGUE!}. My obsession still continues...

I've been to Paris twice -- once when I was 16 and then again when I was 21. I *need* to go again. 

To remind me {and the Universe!} of my dream to travel to Paris again, I've added a few decorative elements that are evocative of Paris.

First, here's my "subway art" Paris print from Homesense:

Next is my latest Homesense clearance find! It's a silver-y gray leather canvas with a black Eiffel tower - all for $9!

Lastly, is a white Eiffel tower. I think that *white* Eiffel towers are harder to find, so when I saw this beauty at a new interiors boutique for $23, I scooped it up!

I find it's hard to add "destination"design elements without being over-the-top or kitschy. 

Do you have any exotic locales that inspire you that you add into your home decorating?


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