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Hello Bloggy Friends.

In an effort to get fit, I recently started running. Again. I love running, but running doesn't love me back. 
This past Tuesday, as my friend and I were enjoying our jog, we decided to accelerate a bit. My body did not agree with this decision, and I pulled a calf muscle. I heard a pop, but I didn't see any bruising, so I didn't think I tore the muscle.

I've been raised to "tough it out", so I continued to run till I thought my leg was going to fall off.  Later that evening, I took it easy and iced my calf. 
The next day was semi-ok, hobbling around in flat shoes as I ran errands and met friends for lunch. Later on, however, it started to HURT. I iced and rested the muscle, hoping for  quick relief.

The next morning {Thursday}, I could barely walk. Major limping and unsteadiness. I almost fell in a parking lot {luckily not carrying Little A, and it also reminded me of this experience}. I was with my dad at the time, and he insisted I get some crutches. It's also my "bad leg" that still has nerve damage from EZ's delivery fiasco {aka I still don't have feeling in parts of that leg after 2 1/2 years!}. Seriously. Who would have EVER thought that 2 1/2 years later, my nerve damage would STILL cause me problems?!

Anyway, I rented some crutches {major fashion statement by the way! "Injury Prone Chic!} from the same place where I had to buy this gorgeous seat when first had EZ, and went to the doctor. He told me that he thought I had torn the muscle because it was so tender and painful. Interestingly enough, he suggested that I keep moving -- not resting -- to prevent blood clots! Sounds good - shopping will be my cardio!

I hobbled around on the crutches, writhing in pain for the rest of the day. Then yesterday, I felt better. Like MUCH better. Just a wee hint o' pain, but no crutches required. 

It's a miracle! I was scared because I didn't know I was going to manage both kidlets and a bad, painful leg with crutches for the next two weeks! I even went for an "exercise walk" last night with keeling over in pain!

And today, I feel almost 100%. Definitely no crutches and no limping. Hopefully this means that I'm on the mend and I can get back into my regular cardio routine. I sure need to!

I never had an muscle injury before and I've run marathons! Hopefully this won't happen again!


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