EZ's Room -- Sneak Peek!


We were busy this weekend! We *actually* worked on some projects {I'm sure you're just as shocked as I am!} :) YAY.

Frankly, I was getting quite impatient waiting for EZ's room to come together.  Big A was done his tasks for the most part, so we were waiting on EZ's DwellStudio duvet set to arrive. 

We could've ordered it online and had it delivered within 2 business days, but oh no! I *had* to support a local business -- a fancy schmancy bebe store -- who price-matched the best online price I could find for the set. When I ordered it on APRIL 28th!, they told me it would be 3-4 weeks, which didn't seem to be a problem because we had yet to design and paint the room.

Then at 6 weeks I went into the store to check on the status of the order, only to be told it would be about another 2 weeks or so. Ok, no biggie. Then I went in last Saturday -- 10 weeks from the time I ordered it. The store had no information, but assured me that someone would get back to me. No one did. 

I called the store this past Thursday and "voiced my concerns" -- if you know me well, you can sure imagine how firmly I asserted my position and conveyed my annoyance at this avoidable inconvenience.

Then, lo and behold, Friday morning at 9:30am, I received a call that the bedding arrived! Hmmm...will wonders never cease?! What a coincidence {insert sarcastic smirk here}?!

All of this to say that I am pleased that the duvet has now arrived, but I am still annoyed I had to wait so long without a real explanation. Anyway, it's here now and EZ is thrilled! 

Ez just woke up and didn't like the Mamarazzi-style photography action first thing in the morning. Fair enough.
I'm still working on the design & decorations for his room, but here's a sneak peek! And yes, despite the fact it's a bajillion degrees outside, he still likes to wear his hockey jersey to bed :) He LOVES sports! 

UPDATE: Ez just woke up from a "nap" and this is what I discovered.

I love my two year old. I love my two year old. Keep repeating... :)


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