The Waterfall Falls (sic) - Family Fun Day 2


On day 2 of our two day family vacation, we trekked to the Water Falls...aka Niagara Falls. EZ calls it the Waterfall Falls, because the "water is falling down." Very astute, my 2 year old is!

We began the day at the Butterfly Conservatory.  We took Ez there when he was about 6 months old, so we thought the reprise would be just as fun. This time was different. There was an overabundance of butterflies -- and not in a good way.

Has anyone ever seen that old Hitchcock movie "Birds" or something? Well, it was kind of like that...except butterflies. They were everywhere, on every surface, landing on our clothes...and worst of all...landing in our HAIR! 
{I'm cringing as I write this. I *hate* that feeling - like insects landing on your head. I'm sure you're cringing now too. You are welcome. Or as EZ says, I welcome you}.

EZ was anxious to get out of the stroller. He was in it for about 2 minutes at this point. This was not an auspicious beginning to our adventures. EZ wants to be on the run!
My ridiculously cute Little A graced us with a smile as she pulled the hat off her head to check out her new surroundings.

So this was about 2 mins and 10 seconds into our trip. EZ not looking anxious to get going, but he's turning into a little grumpster.

We loved seeing the butterflies. EZ knew what they were and seemed to enjoy himself for several minutes inside the conservatory.

I told him that butterflies may land on him, maybe even land on his nose. He then grabbed his nose for a few minutes to prevent the evil butterflies from attacking his nose.

EZ was captivated by all the butterflies. I was creeped out {see my comments above about the Alfred Hitchcock movie and the exhibits below}. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Most people thought it was cool to have a butterfly land on them. Big A thought my fear of the Great Butterfly Conspiracy to organize themselves and start attacking humans was crazy. He's probably right, but why take the chance?

EZ noticed butterflies and liked to point to them.

Exhibit A: Only gray & white butterflies would land on me. They obviously know my favourite colour combination. Or they are trying to camouflage themselves on my stripe-y cardigan. You decide.
Exhibit B: Colour butterflies landing on a khaki-coloured hat. Definitely not camouflaging themselves!
Exhibit C: Another butterfly trying to land on Big A. Icky!
EZ was quickly losing interest and started to tear up. I feel your pain, little buddy. Oh, did I mention that EZ has taken up calling me & Big A his "guys." Yep, no longer mummy and daddy, we're in his inner circle now. We are the "guys": "Hey guys, wait up!"; "Where my guys go?" etc.
EZ loved watching the butterflies eat their lunch though!

Little A couldn't be bothered by all the butterfly nonsense. She just wanted to chew on her toys and be done with it. Luckily kids under 5 are free at this place.

The attack of the butterflies! They are swarming us! And we're outta there. I lasted about 10 minutes -- so that's $1 for every minute we were there if you're tabulating the cost of our Butterfly Conservatory adventure.

We then drove down to the Water Falls and enjoyed a picnic lunch. I made myself lettuce wraps and they are AWESOME -- and low in WW Points!

EZ enjoyed a single bite of his PB&J before taking off in every direction. We chased him and got a good workout in.  EZ likes to run fast and race: "I run fast you?", he says.

After the lunch al fresco, EZ insisted on hauling the cooler BY HIMSELF back to the car. He did it too! This kid is STRONG and DETERMINED! I love that about him!

We then walked over to the BIG Waterfall Falls. You can see Little A enjoyed ever minute of it. She was bored and pulled her hat over her eyes to take a nap.

EZ was less interested in the Falls themselves, but more in the Maid of Mist boat tours at the bottom of the Falls.

Little A finally peeked out from under hat, but promptly went back to sleep.
 After the Falls, we drove through town and somehow ended up at the Outlet Mall -- don't know how THAT happened! My mission was to get a new Coach purse and wallet since my current Coach purse and wallet were ruined in the great sunscreen explosion in my bag the previous day.

Alas, I couldn't find anything worth my money {and I even had a 30% off coupon! Thanks to my friends who send me coupons!}. I saw a $600 bag reduced to $200, but I didn't really like it enough to buy it.

Then Big A hijacked the shopping trip by getting a new summer wardrobe at the Tommy Hilfiger outlet. Yep, not just a shirt or whatever, but 4 shirts, two pairs of jeans and shorts! There goes my purse money!

So despite not getting my purse and being attacked by crazed butterflies {wow, this butterfly story is getting out of hand!}, it was a good family day. And that's what it's all about, right?



Colleen July 10, 2011 at 6:32 PM  

I was at the butterfly conservatory a little over 2 years ago, the butterflies didn't swarm much, maybe it's mating season?! lol! I love how your little guy is talking, my little boy will be 2 this September and I am wondering if we should take him to the butterfly conservatory after reading this. I think it'd be fun but he also tends to get restless rather easily!

Mummy Maggie July 10, 2011 at 8:10 PM  

I think it's worth the visit. We were there a short time, but since then, my little guy has mentioned the butterflies a few times -- so sweet!

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