Master Bedroom Furniture Update


In searching for the perfect dresser for EZ's room, we realized that it was right in front of us all along - our own bedroom set. It's a great scale for his room, and frankly we needed a larger set for our larger space.

I've had this bedroom set since I was a little girl, and 4 years ago we repainted it. This was my first DIY.  I wanted to paint it black when I was a teenager and changed my baby pink room to a cool black & white, but my mom wouldn't let me.

So when we were moving to our 1st new house, and my parents graciously gifted us my bedroom furniture. 

Here's the before of the tall-boy in all it's honey-coloured glory! I didn't snap a "before" photo of the long dresser.
Here's the After - in its current location - soon to be moved to EZ's room. We sanded it down and did a rough paint of blue, sanded it again, then painted it white. Then we scuffed up the white paint for a shabby-chic look - which was actually supposed to be a glaze, but we got bad paint advice and didn't know what we were doing!

Here's a close-up. You can see hits of robin's egg blue peeking through. We also changed the hardware. I really like the juxtaposition of the pretty white furniture with the industrial-style stainless steel bars.  We were really pleased with how it turned out.

So this is the long dresser - only about 47 inches long and perfect for EZ's room. The scale of this furniture is definitely a better fit in his room. I was worried about the feminine details of this furniture, but I think we may add a wood/MDF skirt along the bottom of the furniture to mimic the wall trim.

I am so relieved pleased with how it turned out in his new room. And I'm happy to get new furniture.
You may remember we bought a cool retro mid-century modern set from Kijiji a couple of months ago. I still really like it, but I've been eying this Hemnes furniture from Ikea for-like-EVER! The eight drawer dresser $299 + tax, which isn't that bad, but when you're thrifty, it seems like a bit of an unnecessary splurge.

Enter Kijiji to save the day again!
I spied the Kijiji posting of this dresser within minutes of the owner posting it {Remember my rules for Kijiji success to check OFTEN - even just a quick perusal on your iPhone can make a difference!}. 

The owner had it listed under his first name {clearly a Kijiji newbie!} and for only $130! I emailed him right away and waited TWO long days for a response. Within minutes of getting his response, we were off to claim our Hemnes dresser.  He told us that his daughter got in a month ago, but it was too large for her room. It was in perfect condition! SCORE!

Now it's sitting in it's rightful place in my master bedroom, and we're on the hunt for the 6 drawer tall-boy mate now. It's proving to be a difficult find, but I'm sure eventually we'll get it. We always have great luck!
I am thrilled with the size and scale of the piece - much better suited to our room. I am also able to show off my cool new tri-pod style lamp {a 50% score from a local upcale boutique!}, one of my beloved Louis Ghost chairs from, and my collection of creamy Moroccan lanterns {a score from 3 years ago except I had nowhere to put them! Now I do!}. I also would like to replace the Ikea knobs with lovely glass knobs. Another day, another project!

Aren't they delicious? A gorgeous addition to my Modern Moroccan master bedroom.
 As always, there are more updates to come as projects are slowly coming together. We're painting our garage doors & bay window, finishing of EZ's room and the dining room, re-working the Entry {a fun surprise for you there!} and the living room, and even tweaking the laundry room/mud room!

We're enjoying our summer, so our projects are taking more time to complete. Thanks for your patience.


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