Thrifting Thursday - Even MORE Kijiji & As-Is Ikea!


Remember this post?  Remember how I was looking for the tallboy Hemnes in white to match my 8 drawer dresser find from Kijiji.

Well, only 2 days after that post, I found it on Kijiji for...wait for it... $100. Yep! It's true! I have the best luck!
So to tally up money spent on my new bedroom furniture, both dressers retail for a total of $549 + tax. I paid $230 for BOTH pieces inclusive! AMAZING! LOVE Kijiji! But you already know that by now I'm sure!


My NEXT "thrifty" adventure this week brought me to Ikea. To be honest, I didn't really plan on buying this, I just went for the food.
{Please tell me that I'm NOT the only one who does this? Food is cheap, decent and it's VERY kid-friendly!}

EZ & Little A both approved too!
Capturing the two of these kiddos in a decent shot was difficult. And I didn't want my vegetable medallions to get too cold. Mmmmm...vegetable medallions...

Sometimes I can't actually believe that my little girl is big enough to sit in a high chair! Wasn't she just born? What happened to the little nugget?
Anyhoo, we found EZ's bedframe in the As-Is section @ Ikea. I've been trolling Kijiji for a little while now with no luck {ie. wrong colour, rough shape, or overpriced!}, and we just happened upon the white Malm twin bed in the As-Is section for only $85 and still in the box! It retails for $169 + tax.

Apparently there's a tiny nick on the bottom, but that's fine by me. I have a spirited and enthusiastic two year old boy - I think that a little nick is the very least of my worries!
Photo via Ikea

I haven't set it all up yet, but I'll post final reveal photos when I'm done. Whenever that'll be :)


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