Bringing Bellydance Back!


Tonight I went to a bellydance class. It's been MONTHS since my last class. I taught bellydance all last term, but I never had enough energy to actually take a class.

It was AMAZING to be back. I felt like my old self. I wore cute workout clothes, put on pretty makeup, and even wore jewelry.

The class itself was great. I felt a bit frustrated because my legs aren't close to being 100% and I almost fell a few times. It's like my body won't do what my brain tells it to do. I hope this will change SOON! In the meantime, I've decided to go to as many classes as possible to try to rebuild my muscle memory. I am in love with bellydance. Once EZ is old enough we're going to do Baby Bellydance - it's a class for new moms with their infants in a carrier. I can't wait to take this class. Jo actually wants me to teach it eventually ;) I hope to be 100% soon. I want to dance.


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