NOT Red Velvet Cupcakes...more like...


Ugly Pink Pukey Cupcakes... Don't you agree?

Feeling better and a bit more ambitious today, I set out to conquer the kitchen. I've been watching a lot of FoodTV which has been foolishly boosting my confidence in the kitchen. I also follow a few baking blogs [incl. Smitten Kitchen and Bakerella], which also bamboozle me into thinking I can bake beautifully like them. HA!

So today, when Stina & Hannah came to visit Ezra, I took the time to carefully lay out the ingredients for red velvet cake. Originally I was going to make red velvet cake truffles, but decided to start out small...just a cake! or maybe cupcakes!!!

When EZ was having a wee nap, my baking began. I methodically followed the instructions [with very little improvisation] and my cake batter was taking shape.

I wish I would have taken photos to prove to you how well it all LOOKED before!

The batter's colour was..."raspberry" - definitely NOT RED. I added more food colouring, but then got scared because what if I added too much food colouring then made the cupcakes toxic? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW - I DON'T BAKE!!!

So I left the batter pink. Maybe it would turn RED in the oven's heat???

The answer is NO. They are pink. And they don't taste very good. But generally I'm not a good judge of cake's tastiness because I don't even really like cake. I had to add a THICK layer of cream cheese icing to make it more appetizing for me.

UPDATE: I just ate another mini cupcake and have had a change of heart. I think they ARE quite yummy. My mum says I desperately need a lesson in how to frost cupcakes. Better late than never - I am almost 30 now!


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