Physio Update


I had my last session with my in-home physiotherapist today. She's come once a week since I got home from the hospital. She's great. Very encouraging.

She says I'm improving so well, so fast - even when I complain how S-L-O-W my recovery is.

Since it was our last session today, I asked her to level with me. I asked her, from her experience, how long will it likely take until I'm 100% again. I was hoping she would say a couple of weeks.

NOPE. She said it would likely be 2-3 MONTHS!

What?!?! Seriously?!?! 2-3 months left of this?!?!

Despite being so hopeful for a quick recovery, I expected this. A compressed nerve simply takes a long time to heal. I just have to get used to the idea and embrace it.

I have to make this weakness a STRENGTH.


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