Hungry..the cutest thing ever!


So as I was trolling through yesterday, I came across "Hungry" the key chain. You know who Hungry is, don't you? He's that cute, fuzzy Henson-type character that tempts you with treats and pizza in those WW ads. I had to own it. It's a key chain! Now it will remind me stay OP and not succumb to hunger, no matter how cute or tempting.

To be perfectly honest, I REALLY need this. It was a tough week for me on WW. I'm feeling stronger and more confident everyday, so I'm going to exercise this week. I even bought myself gold stars to put on a calendar for everyday I deliberately exercise for at least 15 mins.

As far as my eating goes, I'm going to stay OP this week w/ WW. I'm also going to try to plan my meals so I will set myself up for weight loss success {not scarf down fast food because I didn't plan it right}. So long as I eat clean and plan - I'm set! Size Skinny here I come!


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