Bebe's Nursery Ideas - I heart Etsy!


So now that we've been confirmed PINK on 3 different ultrasounds now, it's time to get serious about the nursery.  Here are the inspirations for Bebe #2's nursery.
 Here's the bedding - from! $79.99 folks!

 Adorable print with the Eames rocker we have yet to purchase!

 A pretty damask Bumbo cover. Divine.

 Cuddly {and predictably pink!} change pad.

Black and white owl mobile. Fabulous.

Hoping my daughter will appreciate design - a Louis chair onesie!


This was my Saturday.


  • Wake up at 6am
  • Shower and wash hair {a big deal since I've discovered dry shampoo}
  • Dress and prepare breakfast
  • Watch PVR'd episodes of Oprah, Nate Berkus,The Tudors
  • Leave house at 8pm
  • Arrive at 3D Baby ultrasound place by 8:45
  • Look at amazing pics of Bebe #2
  • Pay my $183 for 20 pics on CD, including a cheesy $13 "Baby Whirl" photo stream, that I was guilted into buying by the salespeople at the 3D Ultrasound place
  • Shopped for Ez's Halloween costume and some cool clothes
  • Came home for a brief snack
  • Braved the lines at Wal-Mart for a "quick trip" that always ends up being a 30 min adventure
  • Went to a birthday party!
  • Came home. Ez napped and dad stayed home so mom could go see "Easy A". Yep. You read that right.  I am officially 15 years old.  I actually brought a 15 yr old girl with me so as to avoid the complete shame of seeing a teen flick on my own
  • Drove to a good mall, where we conveniently choose to have dinner with family
  • Bought Ez's cool leather jacket
  • Ate dinner - good food, good company
  • Drove home to change for the General RS Broadcast from SLC
  • Drove 30 mins to the Broadcast
  • Broadcast finished at 9:30pm, drove home
  • Picked up the hubs while Nana babysat, then went to a party
  • Stayed at party till after 11pm
  • Then continued the hot date with my husband at the grocery store. Yes, we did groceries at 11pm on a Saturday night.  That is relationship building :)
  • Got home at 12 midnight.
  • Went to sleep at 1am.  
  • My alarm went off again at 6am on Sunday...


Baby's got a brand new...coat!


Doesn't he look adorable?

I've been looking at this cool little jacket for Ez for a long time now.  Well, at least 3 weeks.  

Yesterday I finally convinced the hubs that Ez couldn't live without it.  H&M Kids is awesome.

We decided to wear it today, even though it's not too cold out.  It's a style thing, you know.

 Ok. I'm think I'm done with all the photos now.

Mummy, please stop taking photos of me so early in the morning.


This and that...


Lemme see...what's new?

My vacation last week was great.  It was so great to spend so much one-on-one time with my little guy.  He's changed so much, even in the last couple of weeks.  Adair even mentioned that he looks different today than he did yesterday.  Kids grow up so fast.

I have another ultrasound tomorrow {can you believe I'm already 28 weeks pregnant?}.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Bebe #2 is actually a boy, although she's already been confirmed a girl.  I'll be happy to have another ultrasound to confirm the gender.  We also booked a 3D ultrasound for this baby.  We loved Ez's 3D ultrasound shots.
I'm still assuming the Bebe #2 is a girl, so I decided to get serious about her nursery.  Be prepared for the ultimate in girly glamour.  We've made a small purchase already and decided on the bedding.  You'll have to wait a while for pics, but I can assure you that it will be FAB.
We had a busy weekend.  I got my nails done in my new fave "greige" colour - "You Don't Know Jacques" by OPI.  GORGEOUS!  

We then cleaned our house because I hosted a chocolate fondue party for a few friends on Saturday night. Then we decided to go thrifting.  We drove to a town about  45 mins away, and found some interesting items. We then went to a Dollar Store.  I've been trying to find a specific item in bulk, but I've had NO luck at 6 Dollar Stores.  Then I went to one more and found 14!!!  Seriously.  Such good luck!
This is Ez on the way home from our Saturday thrifting/Dollar Store adventure!





Labour Day Projects


Here's our list of things to do today:
1. Paint family room - check.

2. Paint dresser - check.

3. Prime dining room - check.

4. Prime nursery - check.

5. Organize Ez's closet - check.

6. Organize bills. Again - check.

7. Make banana chocolate chip bread - not yet done.

8. Laundry - check.

9. Put away laundry - not yet done.

10. Put up vinyl wall decals in bedroom - not yet done.

11.  Organize 2 front hall closets - check.

12. Put up towel rack in ensuite - check.

13. Plan weekly menu - check.

14. Utilize my new chalk ink pens! - check.


Here are pics of some my results so far - much more to come!


Old Navy has some cute clothes!


I was off work a lot this week because of a nasty cold.  This gave me free reign to peruse the internet for cute clothes.  I was VERY surprised that Old Navy has such cute clothes.  I seriously haven't been in there for years.  

They even have cute MATERNITY CLOTHES {which is of course, the Holy Grail in Women's Fashion!}

Cropped Maternity Denim Jacket? SO adorable!

Lovely Black Maxi Dress - great transition into Fall.

My fav colour combination now - yellow and grey!

Grey sneakers to run around town on a Saturday.

A teal sweater coat, perfect for an autumn day with either jeans or dress pants.

Tall boots in a great chocolate brown!

Another great Fall transitional dress.  Loving the gray and orange.
Loving this maternity belted cardigan.  It also comes in burnt orange colour, but of course, I really only wear grey, white and black.

And how about this gorgeous cocktail ring in this amazing avocado colour?  Divine.

This scarf is black, but has a cute, colourful peacock on it!  LOVES IT!


It's a Shoe Thing


Bebe #2 isn't even born yet, but I'm quite sure she's going to be a shoe-a-holic like her mom.

Here's the latest of what I've been scouting out for her on

And here's what I've been eying for myself.  I'm like a kid in  a Tory Burch candy store!


Best dressed baby


So ever since I found out that Bean #2 is a girl, I've begun accumulating some cute clothes.

The most recent finds have been at Zara.  Their website is completely useless, so I can't show you pics, but here are my own pics of my most recent purchases:
Cord Harem Pants - so Euro-chic. 

Tweed shorts - so tiny and cute.  Perfect with tights and boots for a winter's day.

There are SO many cute girl clothes out there that I've decided to buy ONLY what I love!  And honestly, {though you may not believe it}, really narrows the purchasing field.  I like A LOT, but I only love a few.

I'll keep posting good finds as I come across them.


My Next Race?

Here's me running my 1st marathon in 2005.  

I cannot believe that it was 5 years ago.  Where does the time go?
Now, here I am, 5 years later. A mom, lawyer, and 6 1/2 months pregnant with #2, and I'm also at home sick for the last 3 days with a cold/flu thing on top of my normal pregnancy complaints.

Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant.  But I am looking forward to getting my body back. Ok, not only my body, but my zest for running.  After what happened during my Ez's delivery and the major physical and emotional setbacks that it caused, I really haven't had the desire to run.

Until recently...

I received an email at work for a local Women's Only Half-Marathon in May 2011.  I love the half-marathon distance WAY more than the full marathon {trust me, I've run 2 marathons!}, and it's a full-service, well-organized race complete with...

A CHOCOLATE STATION {sponsored by Cadbury - hello? Dairy Milk?}


 A FIREMEN WATER STATION.  Seriously.  Singing, dancing firemen to refresh us ladies!

I think, if all goes well with #2's delivery, that I can run this race!

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