New Backsplash Tiles!


When we purchased our home, it was still under construction so we had *some* say in how a few options were finished.

One of these options was the backsplash tiles for the kitchen & bathrooms. The builder had picked out a decent beige-y oversized subway tile. It was okay, just not FABULOUS. 

And seriously, when you're paying what we're paying for this house -- you want JAW-DROPPING AMAZING. Ok, that may be overkill, but you want something special.

And, let's be honest, I wanted something SPARKLY! 

One of the best things is that the builder offered to put in whatever tiles we chose! How amazing are they?!

I sourced some alright options at our local shops, but they were expensive and they did not "sing" to me. So just before we put down cash on some fancy tiles, I decided we should go to Edmonton to check out what the city had to offer.

The first place we went was to Lowes. We arrived around 10:15am {on a Holiday Monday - one of the perks of Alberta is that the shops are open on stat holidays! SCORE!} and they had JUST put out a new line of tiles that very morning! 

I LOVED EVERYTHING! And it was so affordable {like under $20/sq. ft. compared to the $40+/sq. ft. I was looking at locally}.

Since there were so many stylish options, I decided to do a different tile for every room. Here's what I came up with!

  Main Bathroom: Modern Mix of Cream, Putty & Stainless tiles
{These are a cooler & more modern version of the tiles I had already picked out! WIN!}

 Master Ensuite: White Carrera Marble 
{I've always eyed carrera marble but I never wanted to commit to it because it stains! This is a perfect alternative and will go perfectly with my new sparkly quartz countertops!}

 Powder Room: Stainless Steel penny rounds 
{I've ALWAYS wanted these so it was a treat that Lowes carried them!}

Kitchen Backsplash: Sparkly white glass, marble, gunmetal & stainless steel
{These are almost exactly the same as what I sourced here in Fort Mac - but I liked these much more - so much lighter & brighter!}

Getting this kitchen tile was a CHALLENGE. They had 100 in stock but they couldn't find them. They asked us to come back in a couple of hours so they could look for them. When we returned, they said they needed more time. We had to drive back to Fort McMurray {a 5 hr+ drive}, but waited another few hours. I couldn't leave this amazing find behind. 

We waited until after 5pm {remember we got there at 10:15am?!} and they STILL hadn't found it. They said they'd call when they located the tile, but we HAD to leave for Fort Mac since we both had to work the next day. So we left with only a faint hope they'd call.

But, true to their word {YAY LOWES!}, they did call 3 hours later. They had stayed late to find them for me!

Luckily 3 days later my brother happened to be driving through Edmonton and picked them up for me! Thanks bro!

UPDATE: The tiles went in today. Wait till you see them!


Alana November 5, 2012 at 10:49 AM  

It looks like a barcode! Haha! Seriously, though, I love the progress you’ve gone through with your kitchen. The backsplash together with the lights, tiles, and the new porcelain dishes made your kitchen much more lovable! :)

Alana Geikie

Unknown April 1, 2013 at 6:25 AM  

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Unknown April 9, 2013 at 6:06 AM  

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