Farewell to 2008


2008 is quickly coming to a close. As I reflect on this last year, I’m heartened by all the blessings we received this year – and all the fun we had.

In the winter, I started teaching bellydancing. I was bellydancing about 6 hrs/week. Our studio was even featured on CityTV! I also started performing solos in restaurants and other events. That was a big step for me. I have such a passion for dancing.

In the spring, we found out that I was expecting – and my whole world changed. My focus of my life turned to the bean that was growing inside of me. I still kept up with my church obligations [as YW president] and my busy rehearsal & performance schedule [for bellydancing and PushPull dance company].

I was pretty ill for most of the spring into the summer, but I finally started to feel better once I went on a girls trip to Las Vegas with my friends from work. That was such an amazing trip. It made me truly realize how blessed I am with good friends.

Adair had a busy spring & summer too. He travelled a lot this year, and also kept busy with his church calling. He went camping a few times with the YM & scouts. He loves camping, and I would never go camping with him – I mean, who wants to sleep outside on the ground when you can sleep in a comfy 5 star hotel on a nice vacation?!?!?

In the fall, with my growing belly, my life started to slow down a bit. I cut down my teaching schedule at the studio and spent a lot of time relaxing. One special event of the Fall was Adair winning a President’s Award for his company at a fancy schmancy event at the Hockey Hall of Fame downtown. I was so very proud of him. His company is huge, so it was pretty amazing for him to be so recognized in his profession, particularly because he’s so young.

Later in the fall, we travelled to Halifax for Adair’s brother’s wedding. It was so wonderful to visit with our NS relatives since we don’t get to see them very often. After Halifax, we went [almost directly] to Banff for a week. Adair had a conference, so I went along with him to keep company and RELAX. It was such an amazing trip. We called the trip our “Babymoon” – our last big trip together before the baby comes!

My sister and mom threw an amazing baby shower for me in November. I think we had almost 60 people at my sister’s house. It was just so lovely to see everyone and feel so supported while going in this next step in my life. In late November, my wonderful work colleagues also threw me a baby shower. I was so grateful for all the support I received for them as well.

In early December we attended my cousin’s wedding. It was a beautiful winter ceremony and reception, and it was so GREAT to see all of our family. Particularly, my 93 yr old grandma who danced the night away [while I sat @ our table because I was so tired!].

Three weeks ago, I started mat leave and now we’re waiting for the babe to come. It doesn’t look like he’s going to be a 2008 baby. We were really hoping for a 2008 baby, but we know he’ll come when he’s ready.

So that’s our year in a nutshell. I hope you take the time to reflect on this last year and also find enriching experiences and blessings to be grateful for.

All the best in 2009.


Mat Leave - Day 22


8:30 - wake up [for the last time - since i had been up about 7x during the night].

8:45am - painful contraction - could this be it??? NOPE! it was only one...sigh***

9am - light tidy up - the cleaning lady is coming today and i don't want her to think i'm a slob.

9:30am - check email and blackberry - oooh! i have 15 msgs!

9:45 - chat on the phone w/ my sister

10am - send adair for egg mcmuffins - a pregnant lady has her cravings.

10:15 - shower & primp - attempt to shave legs but it's too hard. i guess i'll have hairy legs if i deliver today.

11am - drop ginger off @ dad's house - she needs some company

11:30 - watch "gran torino" - quite a good movie. language is offensive, but...it's Clint Eastwood!

2pm - go to Future Shop for a price reduction on the ipod thing i got for x-mas

2:30 - arrive back @ home & rest - adair made me "latkes" for lunch - yum!

3-5pm - watch top chef, law & order ci AND svu, play on the internet, read Eclipse - again.


Samples of Scrapbooking Distractions



Christmas 2008 Redux - still no baby...

I hope your Christmas was as lovely as mine! Adair and I had our first Christmas in our home. We usually travel to family, but it was a pleasant surprise to be at home for the Holidays.

On Christmas Eve, we went with our family to an United Church in the country - one of those beautiful old churches - for a service where my niece and nephew where part of the Nativity scene. Our Church doesn't "do" Christmas Eve services, which I've never understood, so instead we go to other churches. Going to a United Church service has been a tradition for every Christmas Eve my WHOLE life! The kids were so adorable in their costumes and they did a bang up acting job. On a side note, I'm told my 5 yr old niece told my 7 yr old nephew that it was perfectly fine to have stage fright, and that it would pass - she's such a rising star!

After the service, Adair and I went driving around to look at Christmas lights. We drove around for some time, then came home to snacks and to watch my new fav mini-series, HBO's John Adams. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It's about the American war for independence - and so much more. The acting is superb.

We got up early on Christmas morning and were at my sister's by 7am, in time to open the "Santa gifts" with her kids. Watching the children's utter glee and giddiness for Christmas, Santa and, of course, presents made us delighted that we soon will have that same joy with our own kids. While the children played with their presents, I had a well-deserved nap, and my sister and b-i-l made us a delicious breakfast. Afterward we ventured back to our own house, where we relaxed all day until it was time to go back for dinner.

Dinner was a "turducken" - yes, that's a chicken stuffed into a duck which is then stuffed into a turkey. It was a very special treat! We brought the salad, veggie tray, and cranberry sauce! Adair made a WONDERFUL cranberry sauce - which I kind of helped in create with all of my new knowledge from watching the Food Network these last couple of weeks on mat leave. To make the cranberry sauce special we made it with blood oranges [my FAVOURITE!] and added pomegranates. It was DIVINE! The meal and the company was spectacular!

I had planned to rest on Boxing Day, but my sister convinced me otherwise and we hit the mall at opening time! We both got bargains galore - thanks to the crappy economy! I bought only baby clothes, and [if you can believe it!] NOTHING for myself. We realized this week that the kidlet has lots of onesies, hooded towels , and pjs, but not many proper clothes, so I had TOO MUCH FUN shopping for cute outfits for the little guy!

After shopping for the day, Adair and I went to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". We had no intentions of seeing it, since Adair actually wanted to see "Valkyrie". But for some reason, we decided at the last minute to see this movie, and it was a 3 hr epic masterpiece. I totally loved it. Brad Pitt is amazing, and not in any way you'd normally expect. It's simply the best movie I've seen in awhile, though Slumdog Millionaire is a close second!

Still no baby. I had a painful contraction last night, but nothing came from it. I am just waiting. In the mean time, I'm watching copious episodes of Law & Order [original, SVU, & CI], tidying, scrapbooking, and WAITING FOR THIS BABY TO POP!!!


We wish you a Merry Christmas!


Adair has officially started his holidays this afternoon, and we're now gearing up for Christmas festivities. Christmas will be different for us this year, since we're not going to be with my Grandma who is far away in Timmins. We need to be close to home since we're on BABY WATCH! I saw my OB today who told me that I could "go" at any time. I'm really excited to have Adair home and share some time with him before our life so drastically changes with the kidlet! We're excited to be with our family at home and spend the Holidays with my sister & her family. We still have lots to do tomorrow - yes on Christmas Eve - but I'm so happy to have Adair around to help!

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family. We wish you joy, peace, and love.


Waiting out the snow day


The best thing about this snow day is that I don't feel guilty NOT shoveling, considering I'm 9 months pregnant. The worst thing about it is not being able to go anywhere. I feel like I've got lots of things to do to prepare for the kidlet, so being able to drive would be great! The weather, however, isn't cooperating today.

Moreover, I feel like I'm just waiting to go into labour. Of course, I don't know what that's going to be/feel like, so I've been researching it and on message boards looking for information. I'm a bit anxious about it. I guess I could be more productive at home - I could find make-work projects, but I'm not that bored yet.

Hopefully the snow will subside tonight so I can get out and get shopping tomorrow!


New Nursery Pics


Still a work in progress, but it's definitely coming along...


Update on the Uppa baby VISTA!


We got the stroller we wanted! Using the generous gift we received from my office mates, we were able to purchase this stroller! YEAH! Things are really coming together. The nursery is almost done. Just a few touches left, then I'll post pics!


Can't decide - Gold or Silver? Tell me what you think!


MAT LEAVE - Day 1...my day so far


  • 7am - wake up and watch tv - yeah for breakfast tv!
  • 8-9:30am - nap time
  • 9:30-10am - watch "a baby story on tlc" - realize csi is much more interesting, and much less scary
  • 10-11:45 - play on internet, make "to do" lists, eat breakfast, then eat brunch
  • 11:45-12:45 - talk on the phone to krista
  • 12:45 - sort laundry. begin washing darks, put ginger outside
  • 1pm - shower, watch law & order while recording csi
  • 2pm - change laundry. realize that the kidlet's laundry isn't done, so decide to wash them before my own. my selflessness has begun. watch more csi. update blog. unload dishwasher and eat zoodles.


Family Photos Christmas 2008



Baby name help?




Balancing Prenatal Anxiety and Excitement!

This past weekend we attended prenatal classes at the hospital we're delivering at. Generally, the all-weekend class was amazingly helpful. I actually never knew how much I didn't know! The instructors were wonderful. I was quite sick this weekend [flu, fever, cough, etc.], so sitting in a confined space with 20 other preggo ladies in that state didn't make me popular ;)

We learned what to look for in the early signs of labour, when to go to the hospital, pain management options, relaxation and breathing techniques, etc. We also watched several videos, including one very scary video about labour. OMH - what did I get myself into?!?!? The woman in the video looked like she was in absolute agony - for about 14 hours - and that's only the AVERAGE labour. I guess I never really thought about labour before. I'm the kind of person that likes to deal with bad things as they come, as opposed to freaking out about things I can't change. But after seeing this video, I'm totally afraid. How do women do this??? How have women done this for centuries??? How do women do with this without medication? The video confirmed to me that I will need drugs - no matter what. I wasn't really on the fence about that, but now it's a mandatory thing.

An interesting aspect to the epidural discussion was the male partners' reaction to the debate. For the most part, the pregnant ladies were silent on the subject. The men, on the the other hand, were quite vocal about the use of the epidural. So many of them couldn't understand why women wouldn't want to get an epidural to ease the pain. The instructors were definitely taken aback by the men's commentary and wanted to know what the women thought. The women, including me, didn't say anything. I thought about it afterward, and concluded that the guys were likely thinking about epidurals for the first time while us ladies had contemplated our labour and delivery long before this prenatal class.

On another note, our cleaning lady came for the first time today. Coming home to a spotless house is so lovely. This is best decision we've made in a long time. Our home now looks so wonderful - and festive! We put up our Christmas tree and decorations this weekend. I just love coming home!

And in less than 2 weeks, I begin my mat leave. It's hard to believe that I won't be workiing anymore...well, for the next year anyway. I'm going to miss my job, despite its stress. I'm going to miss my work colleagues more than anything.

I can't wait to post pics of the nursery! The paint is done, the crib and change table are assembled. Adair is just finishing the closet - then...I will put all our baby loot away and organize! So excited!! The paint colours are...snowflake white and carrot stick...just to give you a taste of what to expect!

We have to get it done for this weekend because we're getting family photos done on Saturday at our home. My friend is an amazing photographer and she agreed to take some pre-baby family photos of us - just in time for Christmas ;) We haven't done family photos since our wedding, and that was 4 1/2 years ago! Don't worry we're also getting photos post-baby too, but of course we just don't know when that's going to be!!!


RELAXIN...Nope not THAT kind...


That's right - RELAXIN. Not relaxing. Relaxin is the horomone that's been plaguing my pelvis for the last 3 weeks. I googled my symptoms and thought that I was going to be fine, but my doctor thought otherwise. I'm now almost 34 weeks pregnant, and my doctor said that if I just push through the pain, my delivery may be unbearable. So he referred me for physio and massage therapy.

Tonight was my first session with Dodi [I was so happy "Dodi" was a girl!]. She taught me some interesting, but simple exercises to strengthen my abs and back. Throughout the day I have to do these ab exercises. Dodi was very impressed by my ability to isolate my lower abs so quickly. I think it's because my years of bellydancing! The exercise she taught me were not too different from some bellydance moves ;)

Now it's on to massage therapy. Massages aren't generally "my thing." I don't like people touching me. But massages helped me 3 yrs ago when I had the herniated disc in my back. So I'm willing to try it.


Introducing the bebe's crib!!!


So...here it is!

And the matching change table!


Baby's next big purchase...

This is the sweest stroller out there. It's called the UPPA Baby Vista stroller. And it will be mine [and Baby Boy's too]!


I'm getting picky...


Here's the boy bedding that I like. I need to find it in Canada. Since the Canadian dollar has plummeted, shopping in the US doesn't seem like a wise option anymore. Now I need to find a crib. Below is a modern crib from US Babies R Us that I kind of like.

Below is the zebra wood crib that I REALLY want, but can't afford. Seriously, who wants to spend $2000 on a crib?! But it is truly gorgeous!!!

With just over 2 months to go till D-day - Delivery Day - I really need to get serious about preparing for this baby, instead of dreaming about new purses ;) I can't stop thinking about the new Op Art Sabrina bag from Coach though. Ain't it just perfect? It's just NOT a diaper bag!


FINALLY - U/S pics!!!




It's a...BOY!!!



So tomorrow is my 4th u/s. It's one of those 3D/4D u/s. It should be cool to see how the baby's developed in the last couple months. We get a CD w/ approx. 30 pics on it, 2 4x6 photos, and a DVD of the baby's movements during the u/s. Gotta love technology! My mom was laughing with me that when she was pregnant with me, she saw the doctor only twice before giving birth, and she doesn't recall having any u/s at all.

As far as the gender assessment goes, I'm hoping for the best but gearing up for the worst. It feels like I've been waiting forever to find out this baby's gender. Apparently people find out at 12 weeks, and I'm now going into my 29th week with NO luck so far. I'm pretty frustrated. The baby's moving A LOT - so many backflips, kicks, and swishes that s/he better be on his/her best behaviour tomorrow! I'm totally drinking a bottle of coke before my u/s too - orange juice won't cut it this time!

Late last night I got into a nesting frenzy, that I channeled into cleaning out my scrapbook room [which will soon become the new guest room] - apparently there is going to be less room for "art" in my life once this kidlet comes! I should clarify that I didn't CLEAN or even ORGANIZE, I just "sorted out" and "re-discovered" what was in unlabeled boxes leftover from our move 18 mos. ago. I found some important docs that were never correctly filed. I found LOTS of junk that just needs to be thrown out once and for all. But I also found a box of my art, writing, awards and photos from grade school! Literally from kindergarten up to grade 6, I found these amazing little gems. So many new things to scrapbook before the baby comes! It was just to lovely to recall old friends from Alberta and northern Ontario. It was actually pretty cool to see how I've been able to keep in touch with these friends from my past via FB etc. - these are the important things in life. As a soon-to-be mommy, I can now see how vital it is preserve these precious photos, tokens, trinkets of my babe's life. Better to start sooner than later. Time sure flies!





suburban cliche


I realized a funny thing tonight. I went for a walk tonight [actually AMAZED I had energy!], wearing my new velour track suit, pumas, and carrying a Coach wristlet. I am officially a cliche. I used to wear knee-high stiletto boots and fishnets to go dancing on a Saturday night; now I'm doing Wal-mart runs for the new SATC dvd in loungewear. Good grief!

I shouldn't be too hard on myself. It's been a tough week for me - physically. I'm finally feeling better today. The hubby and I went to a fancy party last night in the city where he won an award for a project he was working on. Then we stayed at a fancy hotel for the night. I don't know why, but I finally had a great sleep. We slept in, then went to a diner in our old neighbourhood for breakfast. After our delicious food, we went shopping! The husband treated me to a new ipod [the yellow one I've been coveting!] and some new fall clothes! It was such a nice, relaxing day. I really needed the rejuvenation.



Sick again. I'm so over this.



things to remember when i'm a mom

01. read to them and let them read to me. even if it takes forever.

02. paintbrushes and a bucket of water on a sunny sidewalk creates instant and harmless masterpieces.

03. call the babysitter and tell them how much fun the kids had with them the other night.

04. don't try to do too many things at once. be present in the moments. don't rush the doing.

05. carry snacks. and bubble gum.

06. believe in the power of the bribe.

07. don't assume that every restaurant and/or home is child proof. watch them close.

08. let them make decisions. (but not every decision. remember who's in charge.)

09. make a journal, documenting things they say. it's too easy to forget.

10. take pictures. not just when they are dolled up on sunday mornings but even on the days when they dump rice krispies all over the sofa.

11. eat around the table together more often than not.

12. praise them. say sweet things about them on the phone when they're still in the room.

13. keep dating my husband. try to find more subjects than the kids to chat about. remember to ask him about his life too. even if mine gets super overwhelming. remember what it's like to be thick in a career.

14. make family traditions. even simple ones like kissing them before they get on the bus, cutting their sandwiches in silly shapes or going on sunday evening walks.

15. create cute nicknames for them.

16. write notes and stick them in their lunchboxes. even when they are too old for lunchboxes, leave it on the bottle of orange gatorade in the fridge.

17. volunteer at their schools. be available to bring forgotten homework or to fix their wig for the halloween parade.

18. hang up their artwork. put favorites in frames that descend down the staircase wall.

19. go on trips with and without them. let them see the grand sights of world. but remember to be a person all by myself too.

20. remember what's really important: children wearing hannah montana sneakers, not that important; exercising agency, very important.

21. buy them the book of their choice; let them learn to love to read.

22. sing them each their own lullabye and say prayers every night.

23. be on their level. play with them on the floor. hold them in my lap. ride roller coasters together.

24. tell them all the reasons why they are special. again and again and again.

25. say i love you. because you can never say it enough. yet refrain from yelling it to them from the car window on the first day of junior high.

PS: this is borrowed...i'm not this creative.



Now that I'm about six months into this pregnancy gig, I'm getting kinda bored. I think I can describe this emotion as "Preggo Fatigue". Being pregnant is a full-time job. It's all I can think about night & day.

When I "sleep" [and I use that word VERY liberally as I can hardly sleep through the night], I'm worried that I'm going to kill my baby. I once read that I should sleep on my left side, so when I wake up on my back or my right side I stress that I've killed my bebe. OR when I actually maintain the left side sleeping position, I'm aching from pain. I've got a body pillow, but despite my best efforts, it ends up on the floor.

In the daytime, I'm constantly worried about everything - from the food I'm eating [or shouldn't be eating!], my LACK of exercise, my growing belly, little aches, and exhaustion management. Further, I find myself constantly answering questions about my pregnancy to strangers: "When are you due?", "Oh, a New Years baby! You'll get your picture in the paper, won't you?", "Do you know what you're having?", "Are you planning on a natural birth?" That last question is probably the most offensive - I mean, when is it ok to discuss my vajayjay with complete STRANGERS? How about NEVER? It's like a pregnant women's body is all of sudden an open book, with any topic up for discussion. I don't mind most questions, but asking personal questions about my birth plan is tasteless.

Oh! Another one of my "favourites" is when strangers give you their unsolicited opinion re: finding out the baby's gender. Some people are so judgmental about finding out the baby's gender. This also includes U/S technicians. They always tell me, "I don't understand why women want to know. It's more important that the baby's healthy." My response is that these inquiries aren't mutually exclusive. I get the impression that they think I'm a bad mom because I'm curious whether I'm having a boy or girl! Of course I care about my baby's health!

Since I'm getting bored of constantly thinking and talking about my pregnancy, I need some combat strategies. I'm teaching and dancing a lot, and I'm busy with my church calling. I'm going to start reading the "Twilight" series too. I've been also keeping myself busy with my scrapbooking and paper crafts. Any other ideas to fight preggo fatigue???


Thank you, Rumi



Modern Baby High Chair

I know it's against my religion to covet, but this high chair is to DIE for. I must, must, MUST have it! LOVE the orange. This reminds me of the old chairs at church, but much cooler! I'm definitely digging the retro vibe of this high chair!


Finding "the One"-sie





So - halfway through my pregnancy now. Woot! Woot!

I met w/ my OB for the first time today. Part of the meeting consists of weighing myself. I saw a number I haven't seen in years. More than 4 years. It was a little hard to see at first. I feel fat. I feel round. But I came to the realization that my rounding shape is OK because I'm 5 months pregnant. I didn't have an excuse before! I'm starting to enjoy, well, at least get used to my pregnant shape.

I'm feeling really good lately. I wouldn't use the word "energized" - but I'm loads better than back a month or so ago. I danced for 3 hrs the other day, and I'm building up my stamina for when I start teaching again in the fall. A few months ago I couldn't even get off the couch, so this energy is quite amazing to me.


Closet Shock - In need of retail therapy


With my expanding and rounding belly, my clothes are no longer fitting. I blogged about this back in July, but as expected when you're expecting, I am continuing to grow. I came to the realization this week that absolutely NONE of my pre-preggo clothes fit. I am officially relegated to the maternity department for the time being.

So today I got serious. I cleaned out my entire closet of non-fitting pre-preggo clothes. SHOCKING. For those of you who know me, I'm a bit of a "fashionista" - clothes, shoes, and image are important to me, so I have A LOT of clothes. Once I cleared out today, I had a handful of shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 2 capris, 3 dresses, and one pair of casual pants. No jeans. My huge closet looked so sad - unhappy to be so empty.

BUT - the thing I've learned since falling pregnant is that other yummy mummies SHARE their maternity clothing! This week I've had 3 friends lend me their clothes. Today I went through them to vet the fashionable, wearable items. What a goldmine!!!!! One of my girlfriends gave me 4 suits [nice ones!], 5 dresses, 4 pairs of jeans, several work-appropriate and casual tops, sweaters, and even some workout wear. I'm beyong thrilled as now I should be set for the next while. It's a bit of a relief to not have to wear the same pants to work 3 out of 5 days a week! I want to ROCK my time in maternity wear, so I'm now so excited to be able to change it up a bit.


After months of feeling "blah", I think I'm finally starting to feel better. I'm now planning the nursery and getting really excited for the bebe.

I drove down to the US yesterday because their selection of baby items is so much better than Canada's. I ended up buying the adorable bedding set pictured in this post. The problem is that it's for a GIRL! And I don't know what sex my bebe is just yet.

My u/s from a few week's ago was tragically inconclusive. The naughty alien bebe had it's legs crossed [so lady-like and modest!]. I still think it's a girl, so I bit the bullet and purchased the gorgeous, modern, Moroccan-tile inspired, and deliciously un-kid-like it is. I'm not a fan of crazy animals, boring neutrals and pastels, and other supposedly "cute" kidlet bedding. So ugly! I figure if I have to spend a lot of time in this nursery, the decor better be chic and sophisticated. I also read that bold patterns, like this black and white print, is both mesmerizing and stimulating for the little bebe.

I SHOULD find out this Saturday re: the kidlet's sex. I booked an u/s at a private clinic - $100 for 10 mins! This baby better not act up again. Maybe I'll drink a can of coke first to ensure the baby is lively!

My mom was worried that I'm hoping too much for a girl and I'll be really disappointed if it's a boy. Not true. I'll just be happy KNOWING one way or the other. As for my crib bedding set, I'm delighted that I got exactly what I wanted, but it's easy to return if necessary. Just another trip back to NY - and who doesn't like another shopping trip???


Still Raq'n for a Preggo Lady!


Last night I had a paid solo gig! It was soooooo fun. I wore my green costume which covers my belly a bit, but it's form fitting so my rounded preggo shape is highlighted.

I danced a 15 minute set, then an hour long class. I hope everyone enjoyed it. I thought I'd be exhausted by the end, but to the contrary I was totally energized. I even went for Thai food with my hubby after the gig.

Since falling pregnant, I've been so tired that my dancing has fallen by the wayside a wee bit. I remembered how much I love dancing [and how good I am at it!]. Dancing is my passion.


Confessions of a Pregnant Lady


Don't get me wrong. This isn't a complaining rant. This isn't a "woe is me" post. This is just a brief rambling on my experience of pregnancy.

I feel like my life is not my own. I want to run another marathon. I want to train. I want to drink Diet Dr. Pepper. I want to feel AWAKE. I want to feel alive. I want to feel lighter. I want to feel better. I want to feel like myself. Again. I know that this is going to be worth it.

I'm super excited about my baby! I saw my doctor again today. I had a minor freak-out because my friend who was due the week after me lost her baby yesterday. I was supposed to schedule an appointment for last week, but I went out of town for a couple of weeks, then just put it off. But when I heard my friend's news, combined with my own worries that I've not "popped" yet and I've been having weird sensations in my belly, I scheduled an emergency appointment with the doctor today. He was very kind. I heard the baby's heartbeat again, and the doctor assured me that all is well with my normal, boring pregnancy.

The time will soon come when I can train for another marathon - maybe New York 2009 or Miami 2010? Drinking Diet Dr. Pepper isn't all it's cracked up to be, compared to giving birth. I imagine that giving birth will definitely make me feel ALIVE - what could be more dramatic in the human experience? And I know I will definitely feel lighter after delivering my baby. Yeah, this pregnancy is definitely worth it. What I may now feel like I'm giving up, is nothing compared to the blessing that will soon be a new part of my world. This is so me.







I am in LOVE with maternity clothes. I know I'm not supposed to be. I know I'm supposed to complain that they're ugly, unflattering, and not stylish. I'm compelled, however, from my first-hand experience to tell you that maternity clothes are amazing. Where have they been all my life? I should've got knocked up years ago. Admittedly, they may not be the sexiest items of clothing in my closet, but they sure are the most comfortable. Who knew how amazing would be not to have to fiddle with buttons and zippers on pants? Just pull 'em on and they have this WIDE band that covers your whole belly! Tops are loose and comfortable. Basically, maternity clothes are designed by women for women. They conform to a woman's shape - round, curvy, and voluptuous.

I will admit that there are drawbacks:

Selection is limited. Not many stores carry maternity clothes, and you must be choosy about the maternity options. You must search diligently for the chic items, while wading through the plethora of frumpy frocks.

You must also get used to patterns. For a gal like me who thrives on her chic, classic [black and white solids!] staples, trying out "patterns" was a challenge. Not only are the clothes mostly patterned, but they are also wildly colourful! I'm really embracing this new style though. I'm rockin' the patterned clothing!
Sizes vary and you must try everything on with a strap-on belly. You can't just buy a top or a pair of pants because your body changes almost daily.
All in all though, I'm contemplating wearing maternity clothes for the rest of my life!



The show was fantastic today. Once I got home, my husband made me a delicious dinner, and then we watched Pilot Guides' Marrakesh City Guide on tv. The delightful memories of our time in Morocco flooded back. What an amazing time we had on our trip! It seems so long ago now, but as the tv showed the Djmaa el Fna, the maze of souks, the enchanting mella, the Ketoubia mosque, Jardin Majorelle, and the medina tannery, the images seemed so fresh in my mind.

The husband and I would love to return to Morocco. We often speak of it. I still follow up on local news and read Moroccan blogs. Living in Marrakesh would be a dream come true. I'd love to open a riad. A riad [Arabic for "garden"] is a traditional home. It doesn't look like much of anything from the outside, but inside it's Eden. The house is built around an open air garden, ideally with a pool or at least a fountain at the centre. Truly paradise. We would eat our breakfast [bread, cheese, yogurt and freshly squeezed orange juice of course] out on the rooftop patio, overlooking the city.

Now all the husband needs to do is find a job in Morocco. He mentioned there's a big project going on in Algeria, but I'm not sure that'd be the same. I was strong-arming him last year to apply for a position in Libya, but I'm happy to report he turned me down on that one. My heart is set on Morocco for now. Or Dubai. I could easily live in Dubai. What it lacks in culture, it makes up for plenty in shopping!!!


"You still got it, kid"

Back in September I auditioned for a dance company for "dancing professionals, not professional dancers." It's a cool philosophy that you're never too old or too busy to put on your dancing shoes. I made the cut and since then, we've been rehearsing like mad for our show week in the City. It's been amazing to rekindle the passion I had for dancing as a kid. The rehearsal schedule has been arduous, especially considering that I already have bellydance rehearsals 5-6 hrs/week and I'm 13 weeks pregnant! But it's been worth it to strap on my tap and jazz shoes, and get back into the "swing" of things. I'm in 6 numbers, which is plenty considering my schedule. It's been so amazing to meet other professionals with the same passion and commitment for dance. Today is our last performance of the season. I'm so grateful to have been a part of this incredible dance company for this season and will look back on this time with the fondest of memories.


150 is my new favourite number!


I went to the doctor's today for a follow-up appointment. I didn't expect him to have used the doppler today to look for bebe's heartbeat. Before we started, he warned me that because I'm only in my 13th week that we may not be able to find it. Lots of women apparently cry over such things, but I assured him my bebe's sticking considering how crappy I feel. It didn't take long to find the quick little heartbeat - 150 bpms. According the old wive's tales, anything over 140 is supposed to be indicative of a girl! I joked with the doctor about this, and of course, he says that it's not true. I said that it better be a girl because I'm getting uglier by the day! [Girls are also supposed to steal their mummy's beauty and I look wretched lately]. If this little thing is a boy, I got plenty of problems!

The doc also said I have zero risk factors ;) The only thing is that I've lost 2 lbs! ME!!! Lost 2 lbs! He said he was worried about me not eating enough! I assured him that I'm the queen of pasta and poutine, and he's got nothing to worry about. I honestly think I put on a little weight as soon as I became preggo, and now I'm eating more healthfully so my weight may be balancing out. It was just ironic to hear from a doctor that he's concerned I'm not eating enough!!! SO far from the truth I say, as I enjoy my soft taco supreme - thank you Taco Bell!!!

**This isn't my bebe in the pic.



My blog has been on hiatus for some time now. Given my current "condition", I'm lacking the requisite energy to keep up with it. Since "falling pregnant" [as the Brits would say], I've had a few retrospectively funny experiences. I've fallen asleep twice while driving - it's scary but true. I've taken to sleeping in my car at particularly inopportune times - once was through an entire block of church. I've had several episodes of incessant vomiting. I can't eat, smell or even think about chicken - just writing the word makes me gag a little. I don't like cooked vegetables. I haven't gained weight, but it's unfortunately redistributing to my already padded mid-section. The exhaustion is crushing. All in all, I've come to the conclusion that my baby bean is poisoning me. But hey, despite all my complaints, I'm delighted to be a mum-to-be. It can only get better from here...


Newly Knocked Up!


BabyNamey.com Name Badge


Whirling & Twirling out of my 20s


I'm now 29. There are so many things I want to do before I turn 30:

1. Lose 10% of my body weight
2. Get knocked up.
3. Decorate my house.
4. Travel somewhere exotic and fantastic!
5. Take French classes.
6. Save $5000.
7. Invest in RRSPs.
8. Deepen by Bellydance Study.
9. Get my business off the ground.
10. Relax more and stress less!

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