Farewell to 2008


2008 is quickly coming to a close. As I reflect on this last year, I’m heartened by all the blessings we received this year – and all the fun we had.

In the winter, I started teaching bellydancing. I was bellydancing about 6 hrs/week. Our studio was even featured on CityTV! I also started performing solos in restaurants and other events. That was a big step for me. I have such a passion for dancing.

In the spring, we found out that I was expecting – and my whole world changed. My focus of my life turned to the bean that was growing inside of me. I still kept up with my church obligations [as YW president] and my busy rehearsal & performance schedule [for bellydancing and PushPull dance company].

I was pretty ill for most of the spring into the summer, but I finally started to feel better once I went on a girls trip to Las Vegas with my friends from work. That was such an amazing trip. It made me truly realize how blessed I am with good friends.

Adair had a busy spring & summer too. He travelled a lot this year, and also kept busy with his church calling. He went camping a few times with the YM & scouts. He loves camping, and I would never go camping with him – I mean, who wants to sleep outside on the ground when you can sleep in a comfy 5 star hotel on a nice vacation?!?!?

In the fall, with my growing belly, my life started to slow down a bit. I cut down my teaching schedule at the studio and spent a lot of time relaxing. One special event of the Fall was Adair winning a President’s Award for his company at a fancy schmancy event at the Hockey Hall of Fame downtown. I was so very proud of him. His company is huge, so it was pretty amazing for him to be so recognized in his profession, particularly because he’s so young.

Later in the fall, we travelled to Halifax for Adair’s brother’s wedding. It was so wonderful to visit with our NS relatives since we don’t get to see them very often. After Halifax, we went [almost directly] to Banff for a week. Adair had a conference, so I went along with him to keep company and RELAX. It was such an amazing trip. We called the trip our “Babymoon” – our last big trip together before the baby comes!

My sister and mom threw an amazing baby shower for me in November. I think we had almost 60 people at my sister’s house. It was just so lovely to see everyone and feel so supported while going in this next step in my life. In late November, my wonderful work colleagues also threw me a baby shower. I was so grateful for all the support I received for them as well.

In early December we attended my cousin’s wedding. It was a beautiful winter ceremony and reception, and it was so GREAT to see all of our family. Particularly, my 93 yr old grandma who danced the night away [while I sat @ our table because I was so tired!].

Three weeks ago, I started mat leave and now we’re waiting for the babe to come. It doesn’t look like he’s going to be a 2008 baby. We were really hoping for a 2008 baby, but we know he’ll come when he’s ready.

So that’s our year in a nutshell. I hope you take the time to reflect on this last year and also find enriching experiences and blessings to be grateful for.

All the best in 2009.


Mat Leave - Day 22


8:30 - wake up [for the last time - since i had been up about 7x during the night].

8:45am - painful contraction - could this be it??? NOPE! it was only one...sigh***

9am - light tidy up - the cleaning lady is coming today and i don't want her to think i'm a slob.

9:30am - check email and blackberry - oooh! i have 15 msgs!

9:45 - chat on the phone w/ my sister

10am - send adair for egg mcmuffins - a pregnant lady has her cravings.

10:15 - shower & primp - attempt to shave legs but it's too hard. i guess i'll have hairy legs if i deliver today.

11am - drop ginger off @ dad's house - she needs some company

11:30 - watch "gran torino" - quite a good movie. language is offensive, but...it's Clint Eastwood!

2pm - go to Future Shop for a price reduction on the ipod thing i got for x-mas

2:30 - arrive back @ home & rest - adair made me "latkes" for lunch - yum!

3-5pm - watch top chef, law & order ci AND svu, play on the internet, read Eclipse - again.


Samples of Scrapbooking Distractions



Christmas 2008 Redux - still no baby...

I hope your Christmas was as lovely as mine! Adair and I had our first Christmas in our home. We usually travel to family, but it was a pleasant surprise to be at home for the Holidays.

On Christmas Eve, we went with our family to an United Church in the country - one of those beautiful old churches - for a service where my niece and nephew where part of the Nativity scene. Our Church doesn't "do" Christmas Eve services, which I've never understood, so instead we go to other churches. Going to a United Church service has been a tradition for every Christmas Eve my WHOLE life! The kids were so adorable in their costumes and they did a bang up acting job. On a side note, I'm told my 5 yr old niece told my 7 yr old nephew that it was perfectly fine to have stage fright, and that it would pass - she's such a rising star!

After the service, Adair and I went driving around to look at Christmas lights. We drove around for some time, then came home to snacks and to watch my new fav mini-series, HBO's John Adams. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It's about the American war for independence - and so much more. The acting is superb.

We got up early on Christmas morning and were at my sister's by 7am, in time to open the "Santa gifts" with her kids. Watching the children's utter glee and giddiness for Christmas, Santa and, of course, presents made us delighted that we soon will have that same joy with our own kids. While the children played with their presents, I had a well-deserved nap, and my sister and b-i-l made us a delicious breakfast. Afterward we ventured back to our own house, where we relaxed all day until it was time to go back for dinner.

Dinner was a "turducken" - yes, that's a chicken stuffed into a duck which is then stuffed into a turkey. It was a very special treat! We brought the salad, veggie tray, and cranberry sauce! Adair made a WONDERFUL cranberry sauce - which I kind of helped in create with all of my new knowledge from watching the Food Network these last couple of weeks on mat leave. To make the cranberry sauce special we made it with blood oranges [my FAVOURITE!] and added pomegranates. It was DIVINE! The meal and the company was spectacular!

I had planned to rest on Boxing Day, but my sister convinced me otherwise and we hit the mall at opening time! We both got bargains galore - thanks to the crappy economy! I bought only baby clothes, and [if you can believe it!] NOTHING for myself. We realized this week that the kidlet has lots of onesies, hooded towels , and pjs, but not many proper clothes, so I had TOO MUCH FUN shopping for cute outfits for the little guy!

After shopping for the day, Adair and I went to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". We had no intentions of seeing it, since Adair actually wanted to see "Valkyrie". But for some reason, we decided at the last minute to see this movie, and it was a 3 hr epic masterpiece. I totally loved it. Brad Pitt is amazing, and not in any way you'd normally expect. It's simply the best movie I've seen in awhile, though Slumdog Millionaire is a close second!

Still no baby. I had a painful contraction last night, but nothing came from it. I am just waiting. In the mean time, I'm watching copious episodes of Law & Order [original, SVU, & CI], tidying, scrapbooking, and WAITING FOR THIS BABY TO POP!!!


We wish you a Merry Christmas!


Adair has officially started his holidays this afternoon, and we're now gearing up for Christmas festivities. Christmas will be different for us this year, since we're not going to be with my Grandma who is far away in Timmins. We need to be close to home since we're on BABY WATCH! I saw my OB today who told me that I could "go" at any time. I'm really excited to have Adair home and share some time with him before our life so drastically changes with the kidlet! We're excited to be with our family at home and spend the Holidays with my sister & her family. We still have lots to do tomorrow - yes on Christmas Eve - but I'm so happy to have Adair around to help!

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family. We wish you joy, peace, and love.


Waiting out the snow day


The best thing about this snow day is that I don't feel guilty NOT shoveling, considering I'm 9 months pregnant. The worst thing about it is not being able to go anywhere. I feel like I've got lots of things to do to prepare for the kidlet, so being able to drive would be great! The weather, however, isn't cooperating today.

Moreover, I feel like I'm just waiting to go into labour. Of course, I don't know what that's going to be/feel like, so I've been researching it and on message boards looking for information. I'm a bit anxious about it. I guess I could be more productive at home - I could find make-work projects, but I'm not that bored yet.

Hopefully the snow will subside tonight so I can get out and get shopping tomorrow!


New Nursery Pics


Still a work in progress, but it's definitely coming along...


Update on the Uppa baby VISTA!


We got the stroller we wanted! Using the generous gift we received from my office mates, we were able to purchase this stroller! YEAH! Things are really coming together. The nursery is almost done. Just a few touches left, then I'll post pics!


Can't decide - Gold or Silver? Tell me what you think!


MAT LEAVE - Day 1...my day so far


  • 7am - wake up and watch tv - yeah for breakfast tv!
  • 8-9:30am - nap time
  • 9:30-10am - watch "a baby story on tlc" - realize csi is much more interesting, and much less scary
  • 10-11:45 - play on internet, make "to do" lists, eat breakfast, then eat brunch
  • 11:45-12:45 - talk on the phone to krista
  • 12:45 - sort laundry. begin washing darks, put ginger outside
  • 1pm - shower, watch law & order while recording csi
  • 2pm - change laundry. realize that the kidlet's laundry isn't done, so decide to wash them before my own. my selflessness has begun. watch more csi. update blog. unload dishwasher and eat zoodles.


Family Photos Christmas 2008


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