May Update...


Things have really changed over the last couple of weeks. Adair and I have decided to start a family - or at least stop preventing a family. We've been so busy with the new house plans for the last while, and will continue to be stressed/busy for the next couple of months, that we're going to let life take its course. But after that, I want our focus to shift towards our family. We were actually reading about the trend towards "Procreation Vacations" - going away for a week of relaxation, sun-bathing, spa treatmeants & sexy time!

Seriously - I'm so over work. I like my job and my colleagues, but I strongly feel that there is more to life - my life - than working 9-5. Adair is excited about the baby, but I secretly wish he was more excited and "into" it. I want him to be concerned about my diet/exercise and vitamins etc, but he isn't. I don't think he knows all that's required in the business of baby-making :) I want to go for a WALK to Shoppers tonight to by some pre-natal vitamins.

SO - AGAIN - I'm going to focus on my perfect weight. This is not for me anymore - it's for our little Aviva or Judah! Or Lilith or Asher! (baby names are so fun!) I have to ELIMINATE caffeine - no more diet pepsis!!! I have to drink tons of water, fresh fruit & veggies, whole grains & protein. I ALSO have to exercise! Running is my PASSION - tv is my DISTRACTION! I also love love love my belly dancing!

Adair and I also re-finished my dresser! It looks amazing! It's now white w/ periwinkle blue underneath - and I distressed it so it looks all antique-y. It's really gorgeous!

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