Shattered Glass Door {aka: Blaming the Hockey Stick!}


So the other night, EZ was playing around with his hockey stick.  The result is demonstrated in the photos above and below:

 Did I mention EZ isn't yet 3?!

Big A had just left out the front door and EZ really wanted to go with him. I just got home from work, so I was munching on dinner when I heard a loud bang. I didn't think much of it because EZ was "playing hockey" in the front entry way, and his stick makes a loud sound when it hits the floor.
Shortly after he slyly entered the living room and sat on the couch. Definitely strange behaviour, but kids are fickle, so again, didn't think much of it. 

Then I heard the crackling. Quiet, yet consistent. At first I thought it was Ginger eating a dog treat, so I went to investigate. The I saw the door. Oh dear. 

EZ came running and said that it was his hockey stick. I asked if he did it, and he said he hit it with his hockey stick. He felt so bad. I wasn't mad, just grateful the glass didn't fall onto the little dude. Lucky us!  He said sorry and that he didn't mean to do it.  It was adorable how apologetic he was. 
Even the next day, he said sorry when he saw it and the said, "My hockey stick did that." 

Big A came home right away and taped cardboard to it so it wouldn't fall over.  And now it's getting fixed. No harm done, but do we ever have a story to tell him when his older.
...Unless he pulls down the Christmas tree too...


Cool Christmas Wreaths


Ok I admit it. I'm *so* NOT a wreath person. Generally, I find they don't look chic or expensive. I find that most people feel obligated to "decorate" with a wreath because it's easy and expected, and frankly, wreaths are widely available. 

Simply put, hanging a wreath on your door = easy. Decorating a tablescape or mantel = not as easy.
I'm going to have to swallow my words when you see the gorgeous and COOL wreaths I found on Pinterest. Aren't the just LOVELY?

Image via here
Image via here
Image via here
Image via here
Image via here
Image via here I converted to wreaths? Maybe. I guess you'll see by my Christmas decorating :)


Hipster Christmas


While perusing Pinterest earlier this week for Holiday decorating & DIY ideas, I came across these cute Hipster Holiday decorations. Enjoy!

Well-traveled Snow people via here

Cute Moustachioed Christmas ball via here

Too cool for school Pantone Colour Chistmas balls via here


My Map Art is UP!


Remember this post when I told you about an amazing new Etsy shop - JennaSue's Map Shop

Well my gorgeous custom modern map art arrived quickly and we finally hung it in my Master bedroom this weekend, above my computer desk. I totally LOVE them! They are very chic.

Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a cool map for your wall. Please mention that I sent you when you check out!

A close-up of Marrakesh...

A close up of Paris...
Now a word about my photography. Ideally, I'd love to take photos in the natural daylight, but alas, I'm a working Mummy, so I'm not home when the sun is out. Ever. I leave before the sun rises and get home after the sun sets, so my photos aren't in the perfect light. My apologies & thank you for understanding.


I'm dreaming of a PINK Christmas


Yesterday, I was *really* in the Christmas spirit! I don't know why exactly because it's still warm out and I didn't do anything in particular to spark this spirit, but alas, I'm feeling Christmas-y.

I felt like decking the halls and trimming the tree, but we still haven't got our tree yet {Big A insists on a REAL tree}, so I took to my beloved Pinterest to see how others are getting their Holiday decorating started!

This year I want to change up our decorations a bit...and add a punch of pink {and other merry & bright colours too}! Life's too short for the expected :)

Here's what I found for "Pink-spiration":

Image via here
Image via here

Image via here
Image via here

Image via here
Image via here

Image via here
Image via here

Image via here


EZ is a Little Man!


EZ decided this past weekend that he wanted be a man and shave his face like his daddy. I think he did a good job with the shaving cream :) SO CUTE!


It's POPPIN' - A Hip New Kid-Friendly App :)


As a Mummy, I'm always on the hunt for the coolest & latest App to keep my kidlets occupied engaged on the iPad and iPhone. EZ LOVES "his" iPad - he always corrects me that it is HIS iPad, donchyaknow.

Angry Birds is pretty awesome, but I'm not sure it's actually TEACHING my kiddos anything...except how to slingshot colourful birds into buildings, a very marketable social skill, I'm sure!

So when I learned that my childhood friend {and AMAZING blogger & a wildly talented graphic designer} has created a cool new educational app for your iPhone or iPad, I *HAD* to share it with MY lovely readers!

It's a super fun, kid-friendly app called:

"Make it Pop" by Tryangle Labs

First, who doesn't LOVE to *POP* things?

This amazing app is a great hybrid of good education & good design. It teaches kids numbers, colours & shapes but with a beautifully-pleaseing aesthetic with wonderful eye-catching and well-thought out visuals.  

It engages kids of all ages {and parents too!} with such fun & friendly graphics & audio in a variety of short games that they don't even realize that they are learning!

*POP* the bubbles which cluster together to form shapes!

*POP* the balloons to learn the Alphabet!

Mmmmm...*POP*  and COUNT the popcorn ...and pass the vegan butter!

Even the youngest of kids love to play on the iPad and iPhone. These app is easily accessible to kiddos of all ages :)

Okay. Full Disclosure...

I must admit that I downloaded this app during Church this past Sunday and then spent the next 20 minutes playing it on my iPad. In Church. Yep, that's how I roll. Clearly I liked playing it too - there's just something so satisfying about POPPING something :)

Anyhoo - I hope you check out this amazing new app. I know you won't be disappointed.
Download it here on iTunes.


Modern Maps & A New Hearted Etsy Shop


One of my favourite things to do {when not wasting time on Pinterest - follow me here!}, is to peruse good ol' I kind of banned myself from Etsy for awhile because I would buy something every time I went on!  

Recently, however, I've been thinking about how my Master needs art. I'm not an art person. I love art in museums, but I have trouble committing to art in my house. I'm fine with framed photos and mirrors, but art is hard for me to  hang on my walls.

But then I found JennaSue's Map Shop on Etsy -- and I was converted. I fell in LOVE with the simple modern elegance of the line drawn maps. I ordered TWO maps - Paris and then a custom-made map of Marrakesh! Perfect for my Modern Moroccan Master bedroom! 

She even had the proof of the Marrakesh map done within a day of ordering! AMAZING!

I can't wait to receive them!

Be sure to check out JennaSue's wonderful Etsy shop and add a bit of art to your life!


A Few Random Updates


Hello Lovelies! Have you missed me? I've missed you! 

Since becoming a Working Mummy, my blogging has become less frequent as I try to balance it all. Frankly, it's been a real challenge to transition back but I know that I'll find my rhythm soon enough.

Random Update #1:
Little A is walking now.  Okay, she's more "toddling" around, but multiple steps are being taken in a row. That's walking right?  She's about 2 months ahead of where EZ was when he learned to walk. She needs to get walking so she can hold her own against her big brother -- not that he's tough on her, he's just ready for her play with him!
Random Update #2:
Who else is loving the change back to Standard Time? The mornings are so light & bright -- it makes it so much easier to get up and go in the morning.  We've also been blessed with great weather this week, though flurries are on the forecast today! I'm writing this and the sky is beautiful shades of pink and lavender. {Although doesn't the old saying go, "Red Sky in the morning, Sailors warning}... or something like that?}.  Anyway, it looks pretty now...

Random Update #3:
One thing about me is certain -- I can never leave well enough alone.  I always have some grand plan, or at least a little surprise change of plans up my sleeve. 

My latest idea is to clear off our debt {HALLELUJAH!}, but this would involve selling our house. I ADORE my house, but to live free from the burden of debt would be so liberating. We'd have to learn to live large in a smaller space...or live more simply.  My guess that we'd still live big in a small space :) Living simply sounds good, but I don't think I really understand its fundamental concept :)

Nothing's decided yet, we're just investigating ALL possibilities.   If we do move, we'd have to organize and clear out the hoard of clothing, books, and thrifted furniture that I had grand plans for.

  What a pain it would be to de-junk our basement and garage, but I also *REALLY* want to organize both spaces regardless if we put the house up for sale -- who wants to live like Hoarders, right? 

Needless to say, all our major house projects are on hold till we sort out our long-term plans.

Random Update #4:
I'm teaching a workshop at my Church's craft day this Saturday, and I decided to teach the DIY Alphabet Magnets from this post! So far I have 10 women signed up -- hopefully I can source enough wooden disks to cover an entire alphabet for 10 people! It should be fun!

So that's my brief update for now. More to come soon.


Belated Halloween :)


Happy Belated Halloween, folks!  Things have been crazy around here lately {what a change! haha!}, so it just dawned on me that I had forgotten to post photos of our kidlets Halloween costumes.

I lost my camera {but found it since!}, so the above photos are from my iPhone. All apologies for the grainy, blurry photos. Luckily they're still adorable :)


Little {A} Foodie


Last weekend I gave my darling Little A her first taste of sushi. It was vegan-friendly, so no fish, but she REALLY loved it! 

Little A is a Little Foodie in the making!

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