Pop of Yellow - or Thank You, Internet!


I've got to admit that as much as I love Fort McMurray, options for affordable and hip home accessories are minimal. 
{I miss Homesense and good thrifting options. }

So to compensate, I've been increasingly turning to online shopping, mostly Etsy. I've neglected the awesomeness of Etsy for too long. But I'm a convert once again. 

Etsy is a long-distance shopper's best friend.

I'm excited to share with YOU, my amazing readers, my recent Etsy lovelies for my home! They aren't "installed" in my home yet, but at least I can share my good finds with you.

I know online shopping can be scary...but it's not 1997 anymore. Online shopping, especially when you are living in a remote location, is the best way to bring goodies to you. You do not have to live on Wal-Mart accessories alone {not that there's anything wrong with Wal-Mart, they do have some cool options}.

{image via here}
I think these pillows are absolutely AWESOME. I love the chevron {as you know!}, but the yellow felt flower is just beyond. This pillow hits the mark, so I ordered TWO! They have other colours and combinations, so definitely check out the shop called Bed Buggs Boutique!

{image via here}
I got these two amazing pillow covers for $26! Seriously! I'm using them as outdoor pillows since the fabric is really durable. I love pattern, and the mixing of these two modern fabrics makes me swoon. Yay Designer Pillow Shop -- check them out!

{image via here}
I'm saving the most exciting purchase for last...I'm getting these very cool yellow ikat pattern curtains for my living room! I've had satin nickel grommets added, as well as a liner, so these drapes should be a stunning statement to my living room.  Definitely head to Sew Modish for stylish, yet affordable drapes!

So, enough about me...what amazing online finds have you bought lately?


Our Basement...Photos!


When we bought this new home, we decided to finish the basement. To be precise, we decide to pay the builder to finish the basement for us.

One of the perks of owning a home in Fort McMurray is that there is an amazing rental market, with prospective tenants willing to pay large sums of money for basement rental suites.  We decided to take advantage of the crazy market anomaly and rent out our basement. Really, we'd be crazy not to. It's like throwing money away, otherwise.

The builder just finished our basement in mid-September, and our {very awesome!} tenants moved in on October 1st. But before the arrived, we snapped some photos of what our basement looked like before and after!


BLACK: Dreadful or Dreamy? But definitely BOLD...


I'm in a bit of design rut lately. I need to get "un-stuck".

I feel the itch to do something bold. Something crazy. Something I've wanted to do for awhile. Something that is VERY Mummy Maggie-like, but you would never guess.

But before I actually *DO* anything, I promise to let this idea marinate for a bit.

So here it goes...spilling my design dream...

{I want to paint my bedroom...BLACK.}

I adore my current bedroom "Modern Moroccan" style and colour scheme -- a mix of pewters, silvers, white and cream. But I'm just kind of tired of looking at it. It's too safe. Too expected. And I'm simply over it.



It definitely wouldn't be ALL black. That would be too cocoon-ish. I love the classic combination of black and white. I'm thinking like a black and white Hollywood Regency style bedroom, with lots of moulding, metal, sparkle and glam.

Just so you get an idea of what I'm thinking, here are some Pinterest images that captured my attention. You can follow my "Black Room" Pinterest Board here :)

{image via pinterest via here}

{image via pinterest via here}

{image via pinterest via here}

{image via pinterest via here}

{image via pinterest via here}

{image via pinterest via here}

I know *most* people would never dream of ever painting a room BLACK, but frankly, I think it's kind of awesome. Yep, it's a bold, but I think if it's done right it could be totally amazing.

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