Learning it's okay NOT to love The Lovely Bones


I think it's just me.

I've been trying to read "The Lovely Bones" for almost a month now.

Everyone RAVES about it. Was it even endorsed by Oprah?

I've been feeling A LOT of pressure to like the book. Sometimes when someone asks me about it, I must confess that I pretend I like it just to fit in. Peer pressure is always on.

I can't articulate the reasons I don't like it. Crime books don't bother me at all - heck, I work in the field! I think it's the "other-worldly" aspects of the book that I find off-putting. Not that I don't believe in heaven or whatever, it's just hard to follow.

Maybe my attention span is too short? What am I talking about again?

Oh ya, the not-so-Lovely Bones.

Anyway, I committed the cardinal sin of a pseudo-smart people.


I must admit that the movie was quite good. Peter Jackson is a talented director.

I grudgingly picked up the half-read book when I got home from the movie, determined to persevere and FINISH it. But then a funny thing happened.

I decided to let the book go and embrace the idea that it's okay not like a very popular book. Why am I going to torture myself? Alright, reading it isn't torture but it surely isn't pleasurable.

So I'm moving on - The Book of Negroes! Again, another highly recommended and raved-about book. I'm hoping I connect with this one a bit more.

What are you reading? Any good recommendations?


a update on the random happenings of our family


  • Things on the homefront are back to normal.
  • EZ is 100% and no residual effects from his episode last weekend.
  • EZ's starting to walk. More than just 2 steps at a time. He's up to about 6 steps, then realizes he's walking and drops to his knees. He loves to kick a soccer ball {or any ball for that matter}, so learning to walk/run will make kicking the ball much more fun.
  • EZ LOVES bread. He's a bit of a carb-loader {like his mum??}. He doesn't seem to discriminate between baguettes, tortillas or just regular bread.
  • I took a First Aid course this weekend {much to my chagrin}, but it was surprisingly awesome. I feel like I have much more knowledge and confidence, should anything happen. Well, that may be a stretch, but at least I have an idea what to do!
  • EZ started his Kindermusik class this past weekend. He LOVES it {of course!} - thanks to Nana and Grandad for helping us with this class!
  • I canceled my Miami trip this week {seemed a little selfish and indulgent to be sunning myself in Florida when EZ was in the hospital last week}. Instead I'll be hanging out near home, spending time with EZ, going to the gym, getting more practice at BellyUp!, and pampering myself {spa, tanning, mani/pedi/wax/hair}!
  • My girlfriend and I are going to a Spa in wine country - I'm going to have a treatment called "Dark Chocolate Mousse Body Wrap and Facial" - WOWZA!
  • I'm excited for the TWO weddings we're going to this weekend!


A Sea of Gratitude


This past weekend has brought so much to be grateful for:

1. My wonderful, bright, active, and curious son. The love and light of my life.

2. My amazing, calm, thoughtful, and grounded husband.

3. Generous, strong, and supportive parents.

4. A courageous and loving Warrior Sister.

5. A ray-of-sunshine visit from my funny, fearless Brother.

6. Prayerful, thoughtful, and dedicated family and friends.

7. Quick-thinking and kind nurses and doctors.

Thank you to ALL who stepped up in our time of need.

Every note, text, email, phone call was so appreciated.

EZ is 100% healthy now.



Look Mum - I can feed myself!

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Ezra's Winter ONEderland Birthday Party!


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Ezra's 1st birthday was a BIG success.

Our theme was a Winter ONE-derland. All icy blue, white and silver decorations.

It took a lot of planning and help from family and friends, but it was SO worth it.

We had about 50-60 friends and family attend an open house at our new home. We had an amazing turnout, and it was so lovely to see so many family and friends.

Thank you to all who attended to make EZ's party such a success!

Now...the details of the special day...

Here are the invitations, courtesy of Less Ordinary Designs

Then there were the decorations...

Lovely photo frames with pretty paper and glitter stickers...

Tablescape on my mirrored sideboard with colour-coordinated candy
and icy blue mini mirror balls...

The snowflake-making station with a plethora of fancy scissors...

Pretty and sparkly in snowflakes in white pots...

Mantle with candles and mirrored candle-holders...

Our revamped powder room with winter wonderland accessories...

...Then there was the Front foyer banner {courtesy of Eujean!}

...And how about the cookie decorating station {again, cookies courtesy of the talented Eujean!}

...And then there was the t-shirt Mummy got him for his 1st birthday!

...Now...the DELICIOUS CUPCAKES from Flourgirls!

EZ's special cupcake was #1! We had a mix of regular and mini cupcakes in vanilla & chocolate with buttercream frosting. As an added touch, we also had little snowflakes and "E"s made for cupcake toppers...

...Then, of course, the icing on the cake was the birthday boy himself.



2009 Year in Review


Everyone else is doing it, so why can't we?

  • EZ - Our little guy came to us in January and our world came alive! And hasn't stopped since! Everyday is a new adventure! We are gaga over our little guy!
  • Learning to be a mum in my own way {learning to take other people's advice with a grain of salt and adding my own twist to conventional parenting!}
  • Being able to regain use of my legs {no cane/walker/shower seat!}
  • Selling our old house and buying our NEW HOUSE!
  • Spending LOTS of AMAZING TIME with FAMILY {you are all so WONDERFUL! Thank u!}
  • Exploring our new town - we just love it here!
  • Getting an iPhone has been pretty great! Learning to use it is another thing!
  • Traveling via airplane to Timmins and BC with a 6 month old!
  • Speaking of which, EZ also traveled with daddy to Nova Scotia {his wee toes were dipped in both the Pacific & Atlantic oceans!}
  • Performing with my wonderful Bellydance troupe again {I heart you ladies!}
  • Re: Bellydance - taking workshops with both Jim Boz and Aziza were AWESOME!
  • Spending more quality time with girlfriends
  • Losing 30 lbs and starting to run again!
  • Twitter. So. Much. Fun!
  • Gaining more confidence in the kitchen. I can bake and cook some meals now. This is a vast improvement!
  • Oohhh! The Britney Spears concert was FUN!
  • Christmas at home was just lovely this year - 1st time!
  • Finding the time to read again
  • Making the most of my maternity leave - LOTS of time with EZ {walks, playtime, classes etc}
  • Making the most of going back to work {Thanks to Andrea and my amazing work colleagues!}
  • Oh! And 210 blog posts last year ain't too shabby either!

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