Me + Bethenny = Healthy Cooking Queens


So let me tell you about Bethenny Frankel, my current healthy living guru. I've admired her over the last year on the Real Housewives of NYC {a guilty pleasure!} and found her book, "Naturally Thin" in Chapters last week, so I decided to pick it up.

I'm seriously impressed by the book. Bethenny's a celebrity natural foods chef, and also was a runner-up on Martha Stewart: The Apprentice. It's straightforward, honest, real, and a healthy way to think about wellness and fitness. The book is an easy read with 10 Rules to be "Naturally Thin". It also has amazing recipes. Yes. I said RECIPES.

Usually I don't care about recipes, but her book really inspired ME to go into the kitchen today. It all started out with a trip to Whole Foods this morning {just BEING in that store makes me feel better about myself!} to buy whole, organic, and mostly vegan ingredients! I bought everything from oat flour to raw sugar to pine nuts and vegan chocolate chips!

My first project today was to bake vegan banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! They turned out well, apart from me realizing that I need to buy new baking sheets! They are moist, sweet, healthy and delicious. Find the recipe here!

I then made some butternut squash for a snack! Again, pureed deliciousness with a hint of cinnamon!

Around 4:30, I decided to tackle dinner. I haven't made dinner in at least 4 years. Adair does all the cooking in our house, and if he's not home I either starve or go through a drive-thru.

I browsed through Bethenny's recipes in the book and decided on her Zesty Mac & Cheese. I worked pretty hard {including spending about 25 mins finely grating parmesan cheese} and it turned out great! I also made a delicious salad with pine nuts, grape tomatoes and fresh parmesan cheese! For dessert, we had Bethenny's faux cheesecake made with ricotta cheese, with vegan chocolate chips and fresh berries! I'd say the meal was a success.

The best part is that instead of feeling too-full and uncomfortable, I feel healthy, clean and energized! Bethenny has a lot of recipes on her website and at where she is a contributor! I hope you too can discover some healthy living tips and recipes from Bethenny too! Maybe one day I'll really be a Skinnygirl!


Neuro Update...etc


So, first of all, we've been sticking to our eating home-cooked dinners all this week. We've been eating tons of veggies and drinking lots of water! It's kind of fun to learn new recipes and play in the kitchen.

Now - on to my real post. I had a consult with a neurologist today to assess the "progress" on my injury. Turns out he was one the first doctors that I met after the baby was born. Here's the low-down:

1. Apparently I have no reflexes in my legs. Interesting development because in tests immediately after delivery, my reflexes were reversed it was weird. He did some other poking around to ensure my injury didn't extend to my spine. It doesn't.

2. He's surprised how long it's taking to heal. He thought it'd be a few weeks to a couple of months. This extended injury is uncommon. He wouldn't commit to a time frame, but thinks it could be at least a year. ***Heavy sigh***

3. My injury has nothing to do with the epidural in his opinion. It was caused by 3 hrs of hard labour and pushing.

4. I am referred to a neuro-muscular specialist for his opinion and further tests. It's hard to get in, so it could be awhile before I see him.

5. I have to continue to walk in 15 min spurts a few times a day. I also have to continue with rigorous physio. I also have to watch what I eat {no big surprise there!}.

There's probably more, but I'm too tired to remember. I should write these things down.


Hermione is HOT


Fierce and faboosh.
Emma Watson {aka Hermione Granger of the Harry Potter films} is stunning for Teen Vogue. If only leopard tights and booties were appropriate courtroom attire....

Click here for more hotness.


Orange Love


This is so beautiful! Grey and orange is my current favourite colour combination.

Thank you Apartment Therapy...


Home Cooking - Night One

Well, we did it. First night of homemade eats!

Adair grilled tilapia marinated with lime and basil, which was placed on a bed of quinoa and mango salsa. Delish!

Sounds healthy, right? Ya well, we did have 2 chocolate eclairs each. YUM!

I need to find some more recipes! Tomorrow I think I want to try chicken with warm avocado...mmmmm...




Have I not seriously posted for 2 weeks? Wow. Ummmm...I've been posting on my main blog, so I don't feel too bad.

The MummyFit Challenge is on hiatus. I'm continually trying to eat better and move more - the simplest key to weight loss. Cupcakes and pizza often get the best of me and negate my fitness efforts, but I'm trying hard to cook my own food.

Actually, that's a new challenge I've "cooked" up {pun intended}. Adair & I are going to home-cook all our dinners in July. It will give me a chance to flex my muscles in the kitchen because Adair's already a pretty decent cook, but neither of will going on Top Chef anytime soon. We're looking for wholesome, organic meals that will be good for EZ too. This is a relatively simple challenge, completely unlike the 100 Mile Challenge. OMH - Have you SEEN that???

I'm going to see a neurologist this week. My leg is still numb. Dumb. Will update later this week.



I know I should be only drinking water or whatever, but I couldn't resist these new soda flavours when we were at Target yesterday!

Coke Zero Cherry AND Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry {no vanilla - ewwww}!

My life is complete!!!!


Father's Day Weekend Review

My parents are away this weekend, so we're holding down the fort. All is well. We had a busy weekend, but I miss my parents terribly when they're not around!

We {well, I} decided that since I didn't get ANYTHING for Mother's Day {you read that correctly, not one thing - not even a card. Who raised this guy?} that I deserved a shopping spree in Buffalo. Adair took awhile to get his passport, but we recently received both his and EZ's in the mail, so we thought that THIS was the weekend to shop in the States.

We picked up some ebay finds at our US mailbox, went to two Targets, and then to the mall. We had so much fun and walked sooooo much! I didn't go too too crazy, but I definitely picked up some cute clothes and stuff. Our best deals were @ Macy's. We always have luck there. We found the pieces that we're missing for our bedding at the new house, and they were already reduced by 50%. We got them for another 40% off, then signed up for a Macy's card and got another 20% off that. All told we saved $250 on our 3 items! YAY Macy's!!!

EZ's cousins had a sleepover at our house on Saturday night! They love their Nintendo DS, but luckily, they love little EZ more. Here's a pic of EZ finding his feet. He's teething, so he's chewing everything including his own toes!
So yesterday was Father's Day. Because I never got anything for Mother's Day {did I mention that already?!}, I thought that maybe I wouldn't get him anything either, but I decided that THAT isn't the kind of tradition I want to create.

So I had custom-designed cufflinks made in Jasper {just like EZ's middle name - I'm so thoughtful, he he} by my friend Erika @ Antoinette Designs. They are STUNNING!!! Thanks Erika! Adair loved them!!!

Sunday night was low-key. EZ just wanted to hang out on mummy's tummy & watch the MMVAs, while mummy wished granddad a Happy Father's Day! Notice the cuteness of the hand placed on his leg? It's his favourite "hang out" pose. Also, what is especially sweet about this picture {apart from the drool on mummy's shirt}, is that when Adair got the camera out, he began to smile. This kid's a genius, I tell ya!


Gratuitous EZ Pics



New Headwear :)

My fab new hair is perfect for the latest trend - headbands! It's either "so 80s" or "so Gossip Girl", depending on your age, but either way, I'm in love. I'm also into cute hats lately. I've got to wear these lovelies now because I don't think they will translate well into courtroom {I'm going back to work in August}.

Here's a few of my current favourites:

It's hard to see it, but I'm wearing a very sweet lil' peacock feather headband.

Here's a fancier version of the peacock feather headband - I'm saving this for a special occasion. Or Tuesday.

This cute little cloche hat is so 20s - very depression era chic! Perfect for the recession!


Cool Quilts by Thinbeast Designs


My good friends, two lovely Scottish lasses {Christina & Beth}, gave Ezra an AMAZING quilt earlier this week. It's GORGEOUS! It is so cool.

They are just starting a business selling modern, funky quilts - yes, quilts are very hip. They also sell pillows with amazing fabrics, which were featured in a bedroom of our home when we staged it for sale. You must check them out. Such luscious, juicy fabrics and so well-made! YAY Thinbeast Designs! Check out Beth's blog: Obsessed with Fabric! GORGEOUS!!!




You know how we're always taught to try to be a leader, well, today I'm asking you to be a follower.

I'm curious who reads my blog. That's the truth. Maybe I'm vain, but I think it's more just pure curiosity. I think it's probably the natural progression of a blogger. You put info out there, for your own purpose, but eventually you wonder if anyone is actually reading what you write!

I know my own hubsy doesn't read it :), well not often anyway, and generally only after I told him what I wrote about. Apparently my life is not that interesting to him. He he!

Anyway, if you read my blog, please become a follower by clicking on the right hand side. You can even follow me anonymously if you're weirded out by acknowledging to my blog-friends that you follow me.

Thanks everyone. And Adair. It's time to follow me!


Daycare Dilemma SOLVED!!!


After what seems like months of trying to sort out childcare for EZ, we finally have firmed up a perfect situation for our little guy to thrive and learn when mum and dad are working.

I was getting a bit freaked out last week. I actually found a daycare called "Crazy Ed's." YUP. It's true. I also found some ads where the description said they don't work over "Chrismes" {I assume it's Christmas, but if you can't spell you can't care for my baby. Sorry}. To be honest, I was on the verge of a meltdown. I mean, I've got to go back to work in less than 2 months and I didn't yet have anything firmed up despite all my efforts to the contrary.

I had resigned myself to the fact that EZ would be at a home daycare with 4-5 other children, so I would try to find the best situation for him. I met some amazing, loving women {definitely NOT "Crazy Ed"}, but I truly felt this wasn't right place for my little guy, so I wouldn't commit.

Then, when I least expected it I received an email from a lovely woman from church who said she would be MORE than happy to care for EZ. This would be the ideal situation for Ezra, who will be only 8-9 months by the time we go back to work full-time, because he will be the only child this woman cares for - except her own 2 children who go to school full-time. He is going to immensely benefit from the one-on-one love and teaching this amazing woman will provide him. EZ definitely deserves this kind of environment, not that I'm knocking other home day cares.

So it's a done deal! We have WONDERFUL childcare for our little dude and we couldn't be more thrilled. And grateful.


Idea Book Idea

When we purchased the new house I had convinced him that we could afford it because we didn't have to do anything to it, unlike other houses where we would have to red0 the kitchen and baths, pull up the carpets, etc.

For the most part, I'm true to my word {except that I'd like to revamp the kitchen, take down a wall, and finish the basement}. But I NEVER said anything about not decorating the place! Since we're not moving for another couple of months, so I have LOTS of time to plan. And SHOP!

I've put together an idea book. I sketch out ideas for room designs, record where I found items, and also keep colour samples. I keep everything related to our new house in this book, including receipts and business cards. I carry my idea book with me for shopping trips, which helpful to jot down notes re: price and dimensions.


Tiny Love = Big Love


(uhhhh...that's not my kid...)

Since we've decided to put Ezra into his crib for naps and bedtime, we thought we should probably get a mobile. I've seen a lot of cool designer type mobiles, but they are not really for kids. The mobile we got doesn't necessarily "go" with the design of EZ's nursery, but he loves it.

It's a Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams mobile and I highly recommend it. It plays lovely classical music {not strangely "tin-y" like other kidlet musical items"}, as well as a couple nature tunes. I have to listen to them on our baby monitors, and it actually lulls me to sleep too - so it must work! Ezra has actually been sleeping now for at least 20 mins, and I've been listening to Debussy while blogging.

Life is good. Big love for Tiny Love.


Louis Ghost Chair, Phillipe Starck 2000

It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

This is me using The Secret to make it so....


I think we have a winner for weaning!


After many tries, I think Ezra will take the bottle with these Adiri nursing bottles, and Enfamil powdered formula.


Ezra is 5 months old today

Our little dude is 5 months old today. He's growing so quickly, and is cuter every day. Here are some recent highlights:

- He's developing a routine {with mummy's help}, with naps in the morning & afternoon - even when mummy is on the go!

- He's eating organic brown rice cereal & oatmeal. Next we'll be trying some veggies. Mummy bought a recipe book {yes - I bought a cookbook that told me the "recipe" to mash avocados. good grief!}

- He has two bottom teeth poking through - he's a trooper through the teething process

- He's moving to his crib at bedtime and for naps (that is, when mummy isn't dragging him to the shops or for lunches!)

- He's linking his tummy rolls, and is almost on-the-go! You can see that he's just aching to run like the wind when he just figures out how to do it!

- He loves sticking out his tongue and playing with his toes!

- He loves sitting in his Bumbo chair to read or just watch the world go by

- He loves reading and singing fun songs with mum! His favourite song is "Zoom Zoom Zoom!"

- He's getting the hang of the cowboy jolly jumper, lent to him by his friend (thanks Christina!)

- He's much better travelling in the car. He loves to play with his toys, chew everything in sight, and chat with anyone

- He's smiling and laughing all the time. What a happy baby!

**By the way, we got a clue and quickly bought plastic-y type bibs for feeding time. Makes a big difference.


Attracting Health


Buy it here. Thank you Etsy for your lovelies!


Hitting the Reset Button


The past few weeks have been particularly tough on me, and my diet and exercise regime took a back seat to the stress I was feeling. Moving is stressful, even though I hardly did any of the heavy lifting. Eating my stressful feelings didn't make me feel less stressed out. Oh, and sitting on my butt and NOT walking didn't make me feel any better either.

So today I'm hitting the RESET button.

Nothing is more important than health. When I was in the hospital, unable to stand or walk, unable to go to the washroom or even shower by myself, I truly understood how much I take for granted. I vowed then that I would always be active and never take my mobility for granted.

Here I am, 4 months out of the hospital, and I'm not taking care of myself properly. No more excuses. Hitting the RESET button now. I don't want to take my good health for granted anymore. Being in shape, physically and mentally, will help deal with whatever stresses come around, and seeing the results of hard work can make temptations and rationalizations easier to resist. Plus, a healthy me means a better me for my family and friends.


Fun Family Weekend

We had a fun family weekend! We went to the Blue Jays Game on Friday night. Granddad bought Ezra a Blue Jays cap - so cute! It was great fun. Our seats were amazing - 16 rows up from the visitor's dugout. I'm used to sitting in the nosebleeds, so it was cool to see the players up close. We lasted 4 full innings before Ezra got too bored and we got cold. June isn't turning out to be too warm just yet - what happened to global warming???

Saturday morning we planned on going to some yard sales at fancy houses, but Ezra slept in a bit so we didn't go. Later in the morning, we went to St. Jacobs for the market and to go antiquing. Yes, I'm officially old. We go "antiquing" now. I'm very into retro pyrex lately for all my "baking" {and I use that term quite liberally!}, so I scored 8 bowls at the market. Love them! Below is a photo of the retro pyrex nesting bowls in primary colours.

After St. Jacobs, we went to the Downtown Milton street festival to watch the BellyUp Bellydance troupes peform. Normally I would be dancing with my girls, but my injury is such that my dancing is not reliable! I could topple over at any minute! The bellydancers were absolutely stunning. We then enjoyed the festival, but Ezra was tired so we went home before we saw the whole thing. But we did enjoy a FlourGirls cupcake - YUMMY!!! We returned to the festival with my mom after dinner, and couldn't believe how many peole we saw! I think we're going to like it there!

Most of the stores were open, so we happened upon a great kid's shop {where we bought EZ the cutest toy} and then went into a fab home store {and bought 2 occasional chairs and two light fixtures for a great price - which I negotiated!}. YAY!

We also found out this weekend that the seller of our new house will sell us their kitchen table, which we love, at a deep discount. We're thrilled! Everything is really coming together. We went to see them today, so we were able to get inside the new house again. They are so great. We're so excited for our new house. Seeing it again just confirms that we made the right decision.


Done deal


We're done. We're moved. We no longer have a mortgage ;)

We moved into my parents' house until end of July {thanks mom & dad!}, when we move into our new house. Then we'll have a mortgage again ;( Then, I'll have to go back to work.

But I'm not going to think about that now. I'm going to focus on having an amazing summer with my guys. Can't wait for the fun to begin!



This past week I've been thinking a lot about choices. Such as, "Why did we decide to move with a teething 5 month old and with my gimpy leg?" Why?? Because it's worth the effort it's taken to move. We'll soon have a BIG house with a (finished) backyard, basement for EZ to play in, gorgeous hardwood floors, main floor laundry, etc. It's going to be AMAZING!

In terms of health and wellness, we face choices at every moment.

Do I sleep in? or Do I go for a walk with Ezra?

Do I go for crappy drive-thru foood for lunch? or Do I wait for the delicious salad I have at home?

Do I do what's easy or habitual? or Do I decide to make new healthy habits (even if it's a bit more challenging)?

Do I have my 4th Diet Dr. Pepper of the day? or Do I have a bottle of water instead?

Do I go to dance class? or Do I watch a re-run of Real Housewives of Orange County?

So many choices! Making the right choice is not always easy, but it is worth it! Every healthy choice adds up - soon enough I'll be a hottie patottie! (yes...that's my new phrase)

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