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Balancing Prenatal Anxiety and Excitement!

This past weekend we attended prenatal classes at the hospital we're delivering at. Generally, the all-weekend class was amazingly helpful. I actually never knew how much I didn't know! The instructors were wonderful. I was quite sick this weekend [flu, fever, cough, etc.], so sitting in a confined space with 20 other preggo ladies in that state didn't make me popular ;)

We learned what to look for in the early signs of labour, when to go to the hospital, pain management options, relaxation and breathing techniques, etc. We also watched several videos, including one very scary video about labour. OMH - what did I get myself into?!?!? The woman in the video looked like she was in absolute agony - for about 14 hours - and that's only the AVERAGE labour. I guess I never really thought about labour before. I'm the kind of person that likes to deal with bad things as they come, as opposed to freaking out about things I can't change. But after seeing this video, I'm totally afraid. How do women do this??? How have women done this for centuries??? How do women do with this without medication? The video confirmed to me that I will need drugs - no matter what. I wasn't really on the fence about that, but now it's a mandatory thing.

An interesting aspect to the epidural discussion was the male partners' reaction to the debate. For the most part, the pregnant ladies were silent on the subject. The men, on the the other hand, were quite vocal about the use of the epidural. So many of them couldn't understand why women wouldn't want to get an epidural to ease the pain. The instructors were definitely taken aback by the men's commentary and wanted to know what the women thought. The women, including me, didn't say anything. I thought about it afterward, and concluded that the guys were likely thinking about epidurals for the first time while us ladies had contemplated our labour and delivery long before this prenatal class.

On another note, our cleaning lady came for the first time today. Coming home to a spotless house is so lovely. This is best decision we've made in a long time. Our home now looks so wonderful - and festive! We put up our Christmas tree and decorations this weekend. I just love coming home!

And in less than 2 weeks, I begin my mat leave. It's hard to believe that I won't be workiing anymore...well, for the next year anyway. I'm going to miss my job, despite its stress. I'm going to miss my work colleagues more than anything.

I can't wait to post pics of the nursery! The paint is done, the crib and change table are assembled. Adair is just finishing the closet - then...I will put all our baby loot away and organize! So excited!! The paint colours are...snowflake white and carrot stick...just to give you a taste of what to expect!

We have to get it done for this weekend because we're getting family photos done on Saturday at our home. My friend is an amazing photographer and she agreed to take some pre-baby family photos of us - just in time for Christmas ;) We haven't done family photos since our wedding, and that was 4 1/2 years ago! Don't worry we're also getting photos post-baby too, but of course we just don't know when that's going to be!!!


RELAXIN...Nope not THAT kind...


That's right - RELAXIN. Not relaxing. Relaxin is the horomone that's been plaguing my pelvis for the last 3 weeks. I googled my symptoms and thought that I was going to be fine, but my doctor thought otherwise. I'm now almost 34 weeks pregnant, and my doctor said that if I just push through the pain, my delivery may be unbearable. So he referred me for physio and massage therapy.

Tonight was my first session with Dodi [I was so happy "Dodi" was a girl!]. She taught me some interesting, but simple exercises to strengthen my abs and back. Throughout the day I have to do these ab exercises. Dodi was very impressed by my ability to isolate my lower abs so quickly. I think it's because my years of bellydancing! The exercise she taught me were not too different from some bellydance moves ;)

Now it's on to massage therapy. Massages aren't generally "my thing." I don't like people touching me. But massages helped me 3 yrs ago when I had the herniated disc in my back. So I'm willing to try it.


Introducing the bebe's crib!!!

 4.11.08 it is!

And the matching change table!


Baby's next big purchase...

This is the sweest stroller out there. It's called the UPPA Baby Vista stroller. And it will be mine [and Baby Boy's too]!

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